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  • am I the only one who feels that GoD is his best release.. /:
  • AOTY
  • That's a nice Grotus sample at the end of SDFK (
  • альбом 2015 гипергоднотень
  • All sounds the same.
  • first listen of garden of delete:it sucks. / second listen:goooooosh,its fucking good
  • I think that R Plus Seven might be my favorite still, but each of the last 4 albums has a unique appeal. That's what's kinda great about OPN, you can love different works for totally different reasons. Returnal is still my go-to for ambient bliss, Replica is still the "catchiest" one, R Plus Seven is like his "classical" album and the new one is easily the most active & energetic.. not to mention all the Rifts stuff has a different vibe from these.
  • v it's because I really like the retro-garbage artificial nostalgia and the damaged VHS atmosphere of replica... but GOD is also a masterpiece, very contemporary and incredibly well-done, a nice turning point, career-changing record
  • Replica << GOD, come on.
  • That organ part should be longer on Freaky Eyes
  • yesssssss
  • vapor metal is the future
  • <3LOVE<3
  • god bless japan
  • idk, I listen to Boards of Canada since almost three years ago, and GOD gives me a Geogaddi feeling, the same claustrophobic vibes... but, like I said before, OPN overall shares ground with BoC when we're talking about music style... btw, Replica > GOD (although both are really good, but in different ways)
  • ok, I'm still a newbie about this kind of music and I'm still discovering his discography, but I was very excited for GOD and it definitely is as good as I expected, but imo it's somehow very different from everything he has done so far... it's very rock-ish (influences somewhere between heavy metal and death metal), more agressive, while the previous was more vaporwave 2.0, more patient, more weird EDM from post-internet era
  • Animals-I Bite Through It-Freaky Eyes, feels like a trilogy for some reason. Just a damn fine group of tracks that sum up the tone of the whole album.
  • Mutant Standard IS DOPE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • I LOVE YOU DANIEL <<<<<<<<<<<<33333333333333333 [2]
  • I think the leak that was floating around is lower quality, I recommend getting a new copy now that the album is out. Another gem, Lopatin.
  • I LOVE YOU DANIEL <<<<<<<<<<<<33333333333333333
  • Ezra is freaking tight
  • no love for Mutant Standard? that song is intense.
  • i'd play the garden of delete album on my funeral
  • "Garden of Delete" is extremely good!
  • new album is so weird, but goddamn is so good
  • Blown away by GoD. No Good is one hell of a closer.
  • new album is so good
  • GoD is rad but Returnal is still the best.
  • Man, you just connected better with the "aesthetics" of his previous releases, OPN is exploring other worlds here
  • you think "lady in red" is awful, that's your problem
  • I suppose it's not the craft or skill I have an issue with but the aesthetics. If a top chef made me a gherkin and tomato pie it wouldn't go down well if I didn't like those ingredients. What I like about a lot of his previous work is that he takes a bad dish and extracts an ingredient that tastes good. Nobody Here is a good example, he found the sweet spot in such an awful track. On GOD he seems to be just using the bad ingredients to make the dish, which seems the other way around to me. Sorry for all the food analogies, but that's why I don't care for it.
  • I didn't like GOD much on my first listen (Animals and Freaky Eyes being the only standout tracks), but its really grown on me after relistening a few times.
  • I can't wait for this in HD
  • of course, we're all probably more influenced by the aesthetics than the structures and methodology..
  • interesting to see the response to GOD. I wrote a pretty compelling argument for why, even if it doesn't advance his sound as much as the last couple albums, it's easily as good if anyone's still alive on this site and is curious :)
  • It's like an awful cross between OPN, rock opera and happy hardcore. Don't think I will ever enjoy this LP. Still got the others though. :-)
  • also the rave synths are so derivative and uninspiring man, come on
  • garden of delete really isn't doing all that much for me. it's infrequently very good but i'm getting none of the mindblowing otherworldly virtual-landscapes-in-my-mind brilliance that his other records provide so perfectly. hope it grows on me but i've been through it a few times now and it's really quite underwhelming, and a bit of a mess
  • I don't even.. more so then both Replica and R Plus 7 combined. Could not have foreseen, life Complete...
  • 5 5-Zebra2 is mesmerising.
  • Mark 29noangel's words folks. Download Chaotica ASAP.
  • Just read an article about OPN's all time favorite albums and I wasn't surprised to see Chaotrica make the cut. You can really hear how much he's influenced by Tom Recchion. Recchion is a must listen for every Lopatin fan.
  • AOTD
  • OPN's going to have to answer for his time traveling:
  • New album is like Grindcore and cheesy EDM meet OPN lol Kinda getting into it.
  • Looks like I'm the only one who finds the LP either boring or irritating, depending on which bit I'm listening to.
  • like it reminds me of Venetian Snares in parts, that's how weird it is
  • weird album


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