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  • Cool Tags :D
  • been listening to Birth.Eater like crazy, really wanna buy a physical copy of it
  • I did a new vocal cover. it would be awesome if u could give me some feedback under the video. thanks.
  • I don't mind some pop music, but the fact that some people are actually concerned about "relevance" pretty much sums up the average pop music fan's superficiality. I mean, seriously?
  • "It's a tad annoying to listen to the female singer/the only relevant Oceana with these ugly trolls in the main pic." You say that as if relevant music is better than irrelevant music. Try again.
  • someone should upload the picture of the band to the [artist]Oceana Mahlmann[/artist] page :D
  • Oceana (singer) merits further highlighted as it is better known .
  • @p5_ar Actually i am trolling xD i knew the band Oceana long before the singer and i like them both!. And yeah @My_Armistice i do agree with your post and lots of people do, should find a way to separate those artists to avoid petty fights about personal music taste which is very annoying.
  • It's a tad annoying to listen to the female singer/the only relevant Oceana with these ugly trolls in the main pic. [2]
  • the best part is that lorraine is not trolling
  • Yeah, I wish had a better way of making distinctions between artists with the same name. The band released some really good (not "one-dimensional") records, and seeing so much undeserved hatred for them is disheartening. Though I don't listen to Oceana the pop artist, I do listen to plenty of pop in general and have nothing against it. Listening to pop doesn't equate to having shitty taste, nor does listening to post-hardcore.
  • OK... I like "Endless Summer" and I don't know anything about the band except the fact they exist and what kind of music they play, but I have nothing against them, inter alia due to the fact I prefer heavier music to the lighter one ;P Can't we all just agree that it's a shitty thing that there are sites shared by at least two music formations? You're still in better situation than me - I listen to songs by BOTH an American band called Hurt and a Polish band called Hurt (so I have to go to my library page to know, how many times I've listened to the songs by the respective band.
  • Everybody ♥ WOW! [4]
  • Everybody ♥ WOW! [3]
  • Oceana post-hardcore band ftw!!! [7] yeah no one with taste truly cares about the female vocalist
  • Everybody ♥ WOW! [2]
  • Everybody ♥ WOW!
  • DDDDDD: WHERE IS OCEANA POST-HARD CORE ))): c'mon, it's not funny change the name like that and finish the banda like that
  • oceana's pic
  • Oceana post-hardcore band ftw!!! [6]
  • But people do not know your group, against Oceana is known, so please remove me these photos.
  • Oh look, RnB Oceana has 3 songs in the top 15 one of them being a single edit. Not a one-hit, but two hit wonder then I guess. Anyway, let me upvote those bandpics.
  • Yeah fuck with your group that nobody knows, bitch.
  • Shitty tasteless wannabe band?! Get the fuck out of this planet you bitch.
  • Endless Summer 20k, Love Supply 25k, Cry Cry 10k, My House 3k = 58k girl bye
  • 55k listeners vs 25k listeners, it's clear which artist is more popular.
  • Thank You <3
  • Что тут делает эта попса?!
  • Kickstarter for Keiths new band Wolf:speak
  • thank you for clearing that up, iAvrilFan1 [2] You're smart
  • the real one oceana comes from the depths of posthc scene.
  • thank you for clearing that up, iAvrilFan1
  • I'm here for the real Oceana, the Pop/R&B Oceana, not the shitty tasteless wannabe band!
  • Oceana post-hardcore band ftw!!! [5] Pop/R&B = Shit. [3]
  • post-hardcore ♥
  • Fans of old-Oceana especially should check out the band called Of Angeline. Pretty awesome
  • Oceana post-hardcore band ftw!!! [4] Pop/R&B = Shit. [2]
  • Oceana post-hardcore band ftw!!! [3]
  • Oceana post-hardcore band ftw!!! [2] Pop/R&B = Shit.
  • Idiot, fuckstick, dickwad, annoying, syomkin.
  • post-hardcore, metalcore, screamo, hardcore, emocore, shit.
  • still better than the chick!
  • those OLD pictures of oceana tho
  • Oceana post-hardcore band ftw!!!
  • Endless Summer <3 [2]
  • Endless Summer <3
  • Seriously can't get enough of Love Supply.
  • anyone else think most of the songs on the new BMTH album is a lot like Oceana?
  • Please, get the woman out of this page! [9] Woot, my vote fixed it, just downvote her picture, and upvote the band.
  • rip oceana ;/, one of my favorites bands [2]


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