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Magic Pie (7:20)


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  • Gosto muito de Oasis , pena que tudo que é bom acaba !
  • Foda pra caralho!
  • Perfeita <3
  • One of the best of Noel.
  • Noel's most pretentious song. Gotta love it because of that
  • Could have faded out at around 5minutes, but who cares. I like the ending
  • We'll have our way in our own time...
  • Wow, this is nuts.
  • An extraordinary song....
  • i went swimming to this once
  • V what he said V
  • Does NOT need to be 7 minutes long, seriously.
  • Lol at the ending.
  • The lyrics are atrocious, but the music itself is awesome.
  • mad fer it!
  • Both are amazing singers in their own way. Can hardly compare the two of them when they have completely different vocal styles
  • arses to noel being a better singer than liam, Liam has a fantastic voice
  • This would've been classic like Don't Look Back In Anger if there was better lyrics, it's also WAY too long for its own good.
  • I dig his friends, I dig his shoes, he is just a child with nothing to lose but his mind..
  • adore
  • Very good summers of my life around the 90's listening to this very much enjoying myself!!
  • Love this song
  • what the hell is with the chorus? i find myself able to ignore it but if the chorus wasn't so terrible it would have probably been a hit. [2]
  • i love oasis
  • Hello Oasis, I'm listening to your best song. Cya.
  • This starts off great, but wtf is up with the ending?
  • Great track....<3
  • always in my mind and soul
  • cool. i wonder what the magic pie is though.
  • Essa é de ouvir tomando uma cachaça
  • very cool
  • brilliant! Love everything about Be Here Now, this is a highlight!!!
  • LOL @ Albums featuring this track. Enrico Caruso??? (Screenshot)
  • one of the finest Oasis songs and also very underrated
  • why does this song have so little listens...
  • I love this song, much like the rest of Be Here Now I feel it's somewhat under-appreciated.
  • i consider Be Here Now an excellent album! I love songs like Magic Pie...
  • so beautiful ... i like ...
  • what the hell is with the chorus? i find myself able to ignore it but if the chorus wasn't so terrible it would have probably been a hit.
  • yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah
  • magic <3
  • Beautiful
  • Oasis is good. ^^
  • love the end *-*
  • this reminds me of my first wank
  • looooooooove this song soooooo much.. remind me on my junior high... 8->
  • alot of the songs on this album are a bit too long. magic pie drags on as does all around the world. But i kind of see be here now as oasis' Beatles for sale. its their weakest album but still a masterpiece.
  • I don't agree with it being too long, i like the final three minutes, they're brilliant, and make for the greatness feeling in the song, it is also beautifully sung by Noel (Liam would've made for a great first part singer, but the end is perfect for Noel's voice.) Gotta love the "shut up" at the end. :))
  • Ahh! I dont like this song... :| But i love wonderwall!! =D
  • good song


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