• Nukeateen Grunge Band 2nd Show

    17 août 2010, 9h40m par grunge-revival

    Sun 15 Aug – SendIt Jam Festival

    I must say, I was into Nukeateen in the early 90's so it's great to see them back together, last night I saw them at the [event=]RaceHorse[/event] and after being slung back to the 90's grunge scene, today was a chance to see them in the light of day. The set today mainly featured tracks from Reginald's Revenge in fact I think only Coffee Break from Ozone made it onto the set. However it was an amazing set and great to see a band that actually moves around on stage for a change, I'd forgotten just how good these guys were, watching the bass playing headbanging while playing some really complex basslines was very impressive, and the drummer has an energy to his playing that I haven't seen for years. On top of this Taz has a voice made for grunge, I'll hopefully make it to most of the Reginald's Revenge tour gigs, but some are a bit of a drive so we will see!

    This is without doubt the best grunge band, if not the best band since 1995!
  • Nukeateen Grunge Band Blew Me Away

    17 août 2010, 9h25m par grunge-revival

    Sat 14 Aug – Nukeateen Live at the RaceHorse

    I recently had the pleasure of seeing Nukeateen live at the RaceHorse in northampton. For those who have never been there, the RaceHorse is a dark alternative pit of a pub, and make for quite a good venue. Nukeateen opened the show with an onslaught of heavy grungy tracks, one I haven't heard of but really set the mood, followed by Molotov Cocktail and Too hell with this which really got people into the set. This was then followed by mainly tracks from the new album Reginald's Revenge which sounded amazing and reminded me of seeing many a grunge band back in the 90's.

    I must say I was pleasently suprised to find a couple of older tracks in the set too Bitter Wine and Coffee Break which seemed to really get the crowd going.

    For thier first live performance in over 11 years, I have to say Nukeateen was probably the best band I've seen in years.
  • Best grunge band since Nirvana

    8 août 2010, 22h14m par grunge-revival

    Sun 8 Aug – Nukeateen Live on HFM (Accoustic Session)

    I've just listened to Nukeateen a 90's band Live on HFM performing 3 songs from Reginald's Revenge acoustically. They opened with Toast which translated great and was fantastic to hear live, the DJ followed this with the album version of Bossy which has an awesome drum beat and the best guitar riff of the last 15 years. Nukeateen then followed up with Dumbass which worked very well although this is quite an acoustic track to begin with.

    The final track was Don't Go, which on the album was a high energy heavy track, I was supprised they decided to go with such a daring track as an acoustic version, but I have to say it sounded amazing.

    Nukeateen are a true band and if you have not checked them out do so now, you will not be disapointed.