• Friday Twenty: My top 200 tracks 1990-99 Pt.02b: 140 to 121

    13 nov. 2009, 16h43m par amodelofcontrol

    Previously: My top 200 tracks 1990-99 Pt.01a: 200 to 181
    Previously: My top 200 tracks 1990-99 Pt.01b: 180 to 161
    Previously: My top 200 tracks 1990-99 Pt.02a: 160 to 141

    Lo-Fidelity Allstars
    Vision Incision
    How to Operate with a Blown Mind

    Treated by the music press as if they were the saviours of electronic music, they could never possibly live up to the billing, and nor were they anyway. They did, however, release some pretty special singles. Broadly, they were "big beat" with vocals, but their use of some pretty diverse samples and influences helped to broaden them out of what would otherwise have been a musical dead-end, as the genre was already beginning to peter out creatively even by this point. Of the first album singles - i.e. before the vocalist quit - Vision Incision's string-sample-laden, not to mention sampling The Three Degrees, epic soundscape was by far the best of them. To add to that, I was never entirely sure what the lyrics were on about…
  • atom of consumption

    20 oct. 2009, 22h30m par vesselinux

    "...the unions tried to combat it, but they couldn't come close. the concentration of capital is so enormous that it wasn't even a battle. [...] the effect has been to demolish civil society. to turn people into what is the ideal. the ideal is a completely fragmented, atomized society. where everyone is totally alone, doing nothing but trying to pursue created wants. and the wants are created. people are stucked with their telkevision set. they are told what to want. they have to want it. with no connection with anybody else. not seeing anyone else. they are an atom of consumption. you go to work for more and more hours, for lower and lower wages, less benefits and security and in an inflexible labour market. that's the kind of utopia that they are looking for and it's are not very far from that. [...] the country is like a devastated peasant society. you have to go back to Europe during the Black Death, end of the 14th century, where you'll find anything similar: people are scared…
  • Noam Chomsky talk on the "New" War on Terrorism (MIT Oct 2001)

    14 juin 2009, 20h17m par ocean_mist

    Here's the most informative talk on this subject, if there ever was one, by Noam Chomsky.

    Noam Chomsky talk on The "New" war on terrorism
  • Stop the kids! Restrictions please!?

    24 août 2007, 11h06m par LonerRD

    No worries, this journal is no campaign against minors. But one thing that really bothers me at the moment is the increasing immaturity all over the internet. Any forum, any community, any blog seems to have two purposes only: 1. Getting rid of frustrations by dissing others and 2. talking bout sex, sharing porn, whatever... Is that the main purpose of the internet? Showing your dark side to everyone?

    Here on I often have the impression that you need to be radical in your point of views. Only those with aggressive behaviour or even offending opinions are the ones we really notice. If a group calls emos a cancer which has to be eradicated, there are 2,600+ people who have no problem joining it. It seems that bashing and dissing is what so many idiots are looking for. No tolerance, no respect, no common sense.

    Back to the headline... What's wrong about a 16 year old leading a group called Anti Emo Death Squad? Well shoot me, but I think that in real life people can be hold responsible for what they do or say. …
  • Crisis

    15 déc. 2006, 13h11m par beef_durante

    I am down to my last tea bag...I am like a junkie staring at his last bag of skag, knowing that one last beautiful hit and then oblivion beckons. I may need to cross the threshold to obtain more supplies...why can't the bloody cat do it? I need to get food for her as well, why can't she feed herself? Some lame excuse about not having the necessary opposing thumb and forefinger.

    My enforced bedridden state(see prev.) has meant I've been trawling through the pages of lastfm and listening to recommended radio and p*ndora(can I mention the opposition here?). The necessary result of these serendipitous meanderings is a visit to my friends at Norman Records(a free sweetie with every purchase),my bank balance will suffer accordingly . Who am I to sneer at people who watch QVC?

    I love getting surprise stuff through the post so was cheered up enormously by a parcel today from my friend and bass player, Crawdaddy. A belated birthday pressie consisting of 2 CD's, Apocalypso Now and KC Rules OK.
  • Top 10 Bands

    29 mai 2006, 3h02m par Quinnster

    1. Against Me!
    First song heard by them: Impact!
    Song that got me into them: Impact!
    Who got me into them:
    Current favourite track: Miami
    All-time favourite track: Slurring the Rhythms

    2.Bomb the Music Industry!
    First song heard by them: Blow Your Brains Out On Live TV!
    Song that got me into them: Future 86
    Who got me into them:
    Current favourite track: Even Winning Feels Bad
    All-time favourite track: Future 86

    3. A Wilhelm Scream
    First song heard by them: Brand New Me, Same Shitty You
    Song that got me into them: Brand New Me, Same Shitty You
    Who got me into them:
    Current favourite track: The King Is Dead
    All-time favourite track: William Blake Overdrive

    4. Propagandhi
    First song heard by them: Ska Sucks
    Song that got me into them: Todays Empires, Tomorrow's Ashes
    Who got me into them: Jeff
    Current favourite track: Iteration
    All-time favourite track: Purina Hall Of Fame

    5. Avenged Sevenfold
    First song heard by them: Unholy Confessions