• Dibder's 2010: Winter/Spring

    25 mars 2010, 14h32m par CvaldaVessalis

    Hello anyone and everyone; have been keeping my profile rather low lately, and I'd like to say it was through absolutely no fault of my own, but I did spend the first two months of the year re-rating my iTunes library. A brief absence of Internet at home put paid to my loggings-on also, and have made a point of listening to new music away from this year so as not to scrobble anything immediately without even a first impression. That and becoming more than a little obsessed with the likes of Being Human (best TV drama in recent memory... YES, INCLUDING DOCTOR WHO!), Glee (best TV comedy in recent memory... if it survives the Madonna episode AND the inevitable Glee-themed live episode of American Idol), the fabulous awesomeness that is Lacey Turner on Eastenders, iamamiwhoami's rather awesome virals (despite the initial disappointment, am slowly but surely getting over the fact that it actually isn't Christina Aguilera) and, rather tragically, by how so many young celebrities have shifted their mortal coils recently…
  • My Travel Soundtrack

    30 jan. 2010, 23h49m par thomas10