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  • Avatar de okcesar
    Esta versión es mucho más nutritiva que la adormecida original.
  • Avatar de LiamRandolph
    This version is my favorite [3]
  • Avatar de killcitydevil
    Even better
  • Avatar de Sarinijha
  • Avatar de SeaGreenFoam
    Everything from the drums to the bridge on this like they were covering The Descendents (style-wise). Really like this version.
  • Avatar de Herky1975
    rockig ;-) :-D
  • Avatar de L00bster
    This version is my favorite. [4]
  • Avatar de Ectopants
    I never liked the Nevermind version of Polly, but I like this one.
  • Avatar de John_Milla
    This version is my favorite [2]
  • Avatar de SerTapsaHenrick
    Wait, what - this isn't new wave!
  • Avatar de Marguip
    This version is my favorite.
  • Avatar de TaianeAbdul
    i loved :)
  • Avatar de boehj
  • Avatar de fullhellse
    this version rocks ! but i like equal all the versions =)
  • Avatar de BleXx1990
    best polly version :)
  • Avatar de eastwestlost
    i like husker du's version of diane the most.
  • Avatar de DamnDeuce
    the best Polly version & nevermind!!
  • Avatar de DetoxScission
    I don't like any versions of 'Polly'. Easily my least favorite Nirvana tune.
  • Avatar de Grimmoire
    people can be really selfish; if the original Polly hadn't been released, people would love this anyway
  • Avatar de slushhy
    i like the unplugged version the best probably...
  • Avatar de iminyouroom
    i like the nevermind version first, then this one, and then the unplugged version
  • Avatar de Goodevil1345
    Favorite Version
  • Avatar de Graveworm09
    not bad
  • Avatar de SeduceTheWeak
    I like my music fast, but I still love the other versions as well.
  • Avatar de tehkeeks78
    My favorite Polly version.
  • Avatar de Terrasidius
    lol, its great. partly just cos its different from Nevermind version.
  • Avatar de supersmashsteve
    prefer the nevermind and unplugged versions tbf
  • Avatar de leoislostatsea
    I'm not arguing with anyone, but my favourite is the nevermind version. Second favourite is unplugged version. And this is my least favourite version. But I mean it's still good.
  • Avatar de piotresk8
    it's better
  • Avatar de chlindh
    Kick ass!!
  • Avatar de LukyItalion74
    Every version of Polly is great in its own way. Most artists would kill to have a song sound good on one studio version. With Nirvana, you have a song like Polly that can sound good in any circumstance. True genius.
  • Avatar de pacopena
  • Avatar de AceOfSpades24
    I like the Unplugged version the most.
  • Avatar de tinosoft89
    for all desperated that don't like hear slowly grunge XD
  • Avatar de kcnirva
    I hate this version, maybe the only thing Nirvana released that I don't like. The Nevermind version is still the best, by far. Don't like the guitar on the Unplugged. My opinion: Nevermind version > Muddy Banks version > Unplugged version > this
  • Avatar de jorginio_rs
    is cool!
  • Avatar de TNVWBOY
    Best of the three versions.
  • Avatar de Luis1991
    Now that I've listened to this version a lot more, I'd say I love both equally!
  • Avatar de Felip
    this version is the best. Is one of the best musics of Nirvana
  • Avatar de Luis1991
    Yep I agree with amarok.
  • Avatar de amaroK_usr
    I dunno, I prefer the acoustic Polly. This version would be better live than the other version, but the other version's a better album version.
  • Avatar de Bayou16
    awesome version
  • Avatar de Phavlow
    My favorite version of Polly too ! ;)
  • Avatar de Xaoc_Fury
    It's my favorite version of Polly all the versions are supreme....but this one suits my tastes the most.Its Dynamic.....strong....yet it rocks ;)

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