• All 116 Nine Inch Nails songs ranked

    23 oct. 2010, 19h36m par Trentskers

  • NIN Live: 11.9.08

    10 nov. 2008, 6h11m par mrwhite5

    Sun 9 Nov – Nine Inch Nails, Deerhunter

    I arrived at DCU Center around 6:30 PM, and we got in around 6:45. After settling down for about an hour, Deerhunter took the stage.

    Seeing as how I had never heard these guys before, I knew nothing about their work, but was very open minded about them. However, their show was nothing more but a blur, with no cohesive stopping, just playing their instruments. After 45-50 minutes, Deerhunter concluded their show.

    And then, the wait began.

    The floor began to fill up, and from my view (Section 211 J), it was a sea of humanity. Thinking to myself, "When March of the Pigs hits, that floor is gonna move!", I sit and take in the atmosphere of the arena.

    Around 9:00, "999,999" starts. The wait finally ends with the energetic drums of "1,000,000".

    The crowd, myself included, goes wild.

    Trent Reznor and crew rip thru a set of songs from The Slip, getting the crowd excited and building up the energy for an old classic.
  • Rok 2007 [1/3]

    22 déc. 2007, 0h56m par Pyramidek

    Ostatnie 12 miesięcy było niezwykle obfite zarówno w muzyczne odkrycia jak i nowe albumy dobrze znanych mi już wykonawców (O muzycznych zaległościach nawet nie wspominam). Na wiele pozycji czekałem od pierwszych informacji dotyczących zabrania się do pracy nad nowym materiałem. I na szczęście, na większość opłacało się czekać. Od razu mówię, obyło się bez rewelacji; nie pojawił się żaden album, który zdetronizowałby poprzedniego lidera, acz spod niczyich rąk nie wyszły muzyczne rzygowiny. Teraz, kończąc wstęp, zabierzmy się za chronologiczny przegląd albumów wydanych Chińskiego Roku Świńskiego 4707. By nie tworzyć jednego wielgachnego wpisu, podsumowanie podzielę na trzy części. Przy czym nie spodziewajcie się 50-iluś albumów. Owszem, mam sporo nie odsłuchanych wydanych w tym roku, ale... Lepiej mniej i dokładniej ;) Zaznaczam jednocześnie, że nowości nie słuchałem tak często jak starszego stuffu.


    Lustmord - Juggernaut (Luty 2007)

  • Ranking songs - [Nine Inch Nails: Year Zero]

    27 juin 2007, 8h15m par Hexrapper

    [Track List]
    2. The Beginning of the End
    3. Survivalism
    4. The Good Soldier
    5. Vessel
    6. Me, I'm Not
    7. Capital G
    8. My Violent Heart
    9. The Warning
    10. God Given
    11. Meet Your Master
    12. The Greater Good
    13. The Great Destroyer
    14. Another Version of the Truth
    15. In This Twilight
    16. Zero Sum

    1. The Great Destroyer
    2. Vessel
    3. My Violent Heart
    4. In This Twilight
    5. The Good Soldier
    6. The Warning
    7. Zero Sum
    8. Another Version of the Truth
    9. The Beginning of the End
    10. Survivalism
    11. Meet Your Master
    12. Capital G
    13. Me, I'm Not
    14. God Given
    15. Hyperpower!
    16. The Greater Good
  • Nine Inch Nails - Year Zero

    13 mai 2007, 20h10m par mxhaunted

    Sooo... the new NIN album, Year Zero, has been released. I haven’t bought it but I’ve listened to it a lot on Myspaz. All in all… pretty good. It’s not perfect but there are some cracking songs.

    I think the main problem with it is that there are too many filler tunes. Tunes that are too pop. They take away from the more experimental/twisted tracks.

    Hyperpower: It starts off sounding like Trents more rocky tunes but then takes a step to one side and goes into a more distorted noise moments akin to TDS.

    The Beginning: Hmmm… this one is what I would consider a filler as it’s quite basic and screams out single. Also, I have a thing for the word “beginning”. I expect him to scream out BEGWEEN, just as Wayne Slob used to in the Harry Enfield Show. Still, this track has some nice noisy bits that take away from the pure rock.

    Survivalism: I think this was the first single… and it sounds like a single. Just a bit too obvious for me to like.

  • 20,000 Tracks: Reflection and Philosophy

    26 avr. 2007, 18h40m par Brainwashed97

    Well, there it is folks. I've been around a while, I guess it should come as no surprise. But to be fair, I would've crossed this marker long ago if it weren't for not recording my iPod plays for about 3 months last year.

    Anyhow, my 20,000th listen was The Warning by Nine Inch Nails, from the new album "Year Zero." This happens to be an awesome album, definitely contender for album of the year (that's saying something!). If you haven't heard this, you're missing out on some fantastic music; I'm tempted to say this is Trent's best release to date (however "The Fragile" has stood the test of time; we will see with YZ).

    As most people who are in the know know, the new Porcupine Tree album is out, and it is rather awesome too.

    Too lazy to write any more.

  • My Favorite Songs off the New NIN Album

    24 avr. 2007, 3h16m par Underneathitall

  • 0000

    22 avr. 2007, 8h43m par TB_Octavan

    See, this is why I like Marilyn Manson. There is almost always a story behind every CD (and the songs mesh with the story really well), ranging from drugs to aliens to religion to the Renaissance, etc. Hell, 3 of his CDs alone are a triptych that people are STILL interpreting today, and the last one came out over 7 years ago. Whenever I listen to it, I'm always left thinking afterwards.

    And now (I think this is the first one), Nine Inch Nails has done the same with Year Zero, painting a picture of bioterrorism, drugs, totalitarian government, and a resistannce faction. They've gone really deep into this, too, setting up SEVERAL websites devoted to the album, coded messages on the tour clothing, phone numbers that give you a secret message when you call, and even secret messages INSIDE those messages. I've not gone too much into it, because it scares me that this shit being described is just a stones throw away from actually happening, but it really intrigues me. …