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  • You can download that song from here as mp3 from youtube, Survival:
  • Such a solid jam.
  • best on album!
  • " Mother Nature is a Whore " .... the Natural World DEMANDS that LIFE Continues & Flourishes
  • kills
  • Lol about the comment on the electronic drums. I get that, and I was not crazy about this song when I first heard it. And then I saw it performed live....with Josh Freese drumming.....holy shit, it rocked. Talk about the new appreciation. Great song.
  • I got my Violence in High Def UltraRealism!
  • Badass!
  • Mother nature is a whore. [5]
  • Crazy ass track.
  • Awesome
  • epic
  • Love nin
  • "All bruised and broken, bleeding... she asked to take my hand. I turned, just keep on walking... but you'd do the same thing in the circumstance - I'm sure you'd understand." Wasn't there a biography about Reznor or Manson where Manson blew off a girl - All she wanted was some company before she died.
  • This song kicks ASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • I got survivalism...
  • The only thing that stops me from enjoying this 100% are those annoying tinny electronic drums. Geez, Trent, why couldn't you add exploding arena drums like in... oh I dunno, Eraser?
  • "Sounds like he's saying "I've got my fist stuck up my pan, I've got survivalism"." god damn, I just can't unhear it.
  • <3
  • I got my fist, I got my plan, I got survivalism.
  • Mother nature is a whore.
  • Mother nature is a whore. [3]
  • As much as I can't stand the guy, this song is amazing. One of the best from NIN. Thanks Reznor.
  • i got my love for this track
  • When this came out and I heard it on myspace I thought the album was going to be bad but it's actually some of Trent's best work.
  • Mother nature is a whore. [2]
  • can't understand trent's words in this song??? get outta here.. ever listen to the downward spiral???? i used to get beat up for listening to NIN in 1990... glad i endured the pain :)
  • As much as I love this track, I also can't understand hardly a word Trent sings :-) But it sounds good and the second half of the song is very 'TDS', which is amazing.
  • Mother nature is a whore.
  • I got my fist I got my plan I got survivalism!
  • monster!!!!
  • Does it say I Got my fist, my Pen or Plan? Probably i'd like more Pen,anyway Great!
  • I fucking lol'd as well
  • Sounds like he's saying "I've got my fist stuck up my pan, I've got survivalism".
  • I <3 the vid
  • I always get paranoid when I play this song, it has some background noises that make me feel like someone is knocking at my door. The second half of the song is so amazing, sounds like old NIN, like a guitar driven "Help Me I'm In Hell".
  • fuzzy goodness!!!
  • i got my fist, i got my plan, i got survivalism.
  • I think I don't give two shits if it sounds like Rob Zombie's Dragula or not, because it's not that close and it's awesome in itself.
  • This song sounds like Talking Heads. Which is cool.
  • I hate the line "Mother nature is a whore"...all I can think of when I hear it is In Bloom by Nirvana.
  • Great track....<3
  • i got my fist i got my napsac i got survivalism
  • This is an awesome track, even better live. Long live NIИ!! @MissAnchor LOL, *pats on back* thank you. :) The world needs more people like you.
  • I do believe isuxatlife just got pwned :P
  • @isuxatlife18 - USA...? Is English your native language? THERE!? Their!!! Now a days!? NOWADAYS!!! Even I know that and I've only studied English for about 7 years! Yes, you do suck at life if your grammar is so bad that you cant even build a proper sentence. And if you're wondering - no, it's not my native language. You suck, missy.
  • Great song! :)
  • NIN sucks something terrible now a days. There music is complete crap.
  • I read that NIN are going to quit making music and touring after they get done with being out now. Has anyone else heard this?


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