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Nine Inch Nails

Beside You in Time (5:25)


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  • fucking shit
  • This + RWIB sequence is mindblowing. This man knows how to end his records.
  • Sounds like Trent has been listening to Orbital. Halcyon On and On and On and On and On
  • And on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on andonand don aond aond and onaond and ona and on andon a
  • The album should have ended with this song, lol fuck that. RWIB is a masterpiece. This song is incredible too though.
  • The performance on BYIT is.... (fangirl). Gawd.
  • Simply amazing.
  • I'd love to put a 1000 hearts on this track
  • <3
  • ---- <<<<
  • So raw and powerful! The album should've ended with this song :)
  • beautiful voice
  • aaaaaaaaaaaaawww
  • I agree with the person who mentioned listening to this with the visualizer on. It goes crazy near the end. Pure awesome.
  • Tender
  • yum
  • mindfuck..... absolute beautifull masterpiece!!!!
  • favorit
  • N.I.N
  • ... einfach GROSSARTIG! Immer und IMMER wieder!
  • listening to this song with a visualizer is pretty damn awesome.
  • 3:10 to the end is just amazing.
  • Amazing <3
  • So bad ass!...Great live!
  • goosebumbs ... d-_-b ... hypnotic <3
  • Congrats on the Oscar mother f%@ker!
  • dayum....
  • haha "holy motherfucking shit" [2]
  • Masterpiece
  • 112,000,000 +
  • 111,000,000, + listeners enough said
  • Thats Rite!
  • Agreed with rfk0901. Something gets lost on the live version. One of his many masterpieces.
  • this style of music was absolutely new to me back then in 2005 when I first listened to it. this song's very hypnotic.
  • I think this might the only song out of the NIN live catalogue where the album version is better than the live version...
  • I love this song though it is probably off my least favorite NIN album which isn't saying much cause NIN is one of my all time favorite bands and one of the best bands ever!
  • probably my fav NIN song <33 goosebumps
  • @DeeViant: Stupid cunt.
  • I feel like crying everytime I see my version on Beside you in time dvd and think of what I missed live....
  • NIN will be remembered for one thing as the TRUE 90's survivors and legends. This type of shit is brilliant. Not just spoonfed to you. patient gratification. like a good f... know...
  • when it explodes at 3:41 i get major goosebumps.then when he sings. oh ..thank you god for trent reznor.
  • @DeeViant : It's NIN maybe it's supposed to HURT! XD
  • Brilliant
  • for me it's definitely the best one on with teeth. it's great how the final part works and doesn't fall apart
  • wow, troll harder.
  • I'm glad I read the comments on this song when I first listened to it, because I would have gave up on it before it got amazing by the end. It's a real journey.
  • I would have never believed what a subwoofer can do to this song ...
  • He really is a genius
  • the throb
  • Awesome. What a buildup.


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