• Nils Lofgren in Scotland 2010

    26 oct. 2010, 23h54m par malinforsgren

    Arriving in Edinburgh

    When I saw the Scottish landscape from above as the plane was approaching Edinburgh airport, I felt that even just this was worth the trip. There's something irresistibly romantic about it, leading your thoughts to medieval times, knights and jousting... Ivanhoe and Sir Walter Scott. I had the surreal feeling of flying over the board of a game me and my sister bought in the late 80's or early 90's called "Excalibur".

    Soon after I had checked in to my hotel, I was ready to locate to the venue, Queen's Hall, where Nils Lofgren and his duo partner Greg Varlotta would play some hours later. From the map I estimated that it would take about 30 minutes to walk to there from the hotel.

    I was probably right about that, but I wasn't in a rush and stopped several times to take pictures. Edinburgh is such a picturesque town, and the weather was cold but gorgeous. Right next to Waverley Bridge, there was a street musician playing bagpipes, in traditional clothes. …