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Considéré comme un des groupes les plus novateurs du brutal death, Nile a su en quelques albums s'imposer comme la nouvelle valeur sûre du death metal américain. Mélangeant brutal death technique et mid-tempos lourds sur fond de mythologie égyptienne, Nile a su par son originalité s'imposer comme un des meilleurs groupes de death metal des années 2000.
Formé en 1993 par Karl Sanders (guitare/chant), Chief Spires…

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  • Honestly, Sethu was a grower for me. After 10 listens, I discovered that it is a great album. The anemic production made it hard to get into at first. That said, Unearthed to me picks up where Sethu left off, but fixes the issues--more powerful production, better guitar tone, and just straight up, pummeling, and more concise songs, a la Annihilation and Gods Detest. Not sure if they regarded it as a "concept album", but the title track's heavy slow riff is revisited throughout the album, especially on Age of Famine. Nile simply does not make bad music, but this album is a beast from start to finish. I really love it.
  • New album is killer.
  • sterma_albatros - I agree. While the new album seems to be an improvement from the last one, it still doesn't come close to the standard on Ithyphallic.
  • What should not be Unearthed review
  • The new album is really strong :3
  • Am I the only one here who thinks it's all been downhill since Ithyphallic?
  • Bring Old Back -
  • The new one is ok but I actually prefer Sethu over it. It has better songs overall and the different production made it quite unique. [2] It's better than ok, it's pretty great, but Sethu is second only to Annihilation for me.
  • New album 10/10 (6)
  • New album 10/10 (5)

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