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Amongst the Catacombs of Nephren-Ka

Amongst the Catacombs of Nephren-Ka


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  • One masterpiece! Death Metal as best.
  • One of their best albums.
  • заебись
  • Such an amazing album, but not their best one for me.
  • By far their best.
  • I love present day Nile (except the last album), but there's something in the atmosphere in the early stuff, the primitiveness of the production perhaps, that makes it seem so much more genuine. It feels like listening to ancient clay tablets and papyrus scrolls. Gilgamesh, sand storms and bones buried in the desert.
  • Fan-fucking-tastic album. [2]
  • their best
  • 13 years has past since i've heard this album first time on a tape and i still love it !! :)
  • this actually seems alot darker and more brutal than their later stuff
  • Esse baterista não é humano!
  • The drumming is insane.
  • What an awesome album.
  • Fan-fucking-tastic album.
  • Their Best!!!
  • yeah a must have album!
  • Bought it today, and it is by far one of the best Nile albums! A must have!
  • I wish they would bring back theyre brutality to this level in any upcoming album *dreams
  • a must have album.
  • I remember buying this when it came out, it was the most brutal thing I had ever heard.
  • The best album indeed. I'd like to hear something similar however haven't any success in finding anything.
  • Great Album! An Egyptian Kick In the Balls
  • Mental, so dense and utterly brutal
  • Brilliantly insane.
  • The best album IMO
  • An insane album.
  • majestic!
  • Their best album ever [2]
  • Very Good IMO
  • Stones of Sorrow <3
  • So fucking underrated
  • Their best album ever
  • Amongst the Kittycombs of Meowren-Kat! >^.^<
  • their best album by far
  • Not cheesy at all. I never thought to be this good. I always thought the quality sucks or something,but the production is great and the Songs are like explosions,loud and fast.
  • cheesy as hell
  • this is like 10000 tons of TNT , probably the best death metal album ever
  • Well, this one and Black Seeds are criminally underrated IMO, while they deserve to be on the top...Because Nile here are less annoying with long and boring progressive parts, and the songwriting is better, more creative and catchy even if songs are pure speed.
  • it's incredible, a mix of brutality,technique and hyper velocity, short album, but also a masterpiece like Reign in Blood is short, quality make difference.
  • Nice debut, they later expanded the ideas they put into this one.
  • Good debut. 8/10
  • Of course they won't, its their best
  • They will never top this album.
  • I think they were creepier and easier to take seriously back then. Crunchy guitar tone indeed.
  • I agree with Alasin who agrees with everyone else.
  • I love this crunchy, fucken heavy guitar tone!
  • Their 2nd best IMO, just after the godly "In Their Darkened Shrines".
  • i love the use of Egyptian instruments to make it more authentic. best nile alubm after ITDS
  • The songs are short.
  • moridin247: Not just destroys, but also annihilates, consumes, decapiates and eliminate Ithyphallic.


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