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    7 nov. 2008, 3h10m par xaviae

  • harvest breed

    18 mars 2007, 1h26m par iamthepinky

    Harvest Breed

    "falling fast and falling free
    you look to find a friend

    falling fast and falling free
    this could just be the end

    falling fast you stoop to touch
    and kiss the flowers that bend

    and you're ready now
    for the harvest breed"

    the subject's world is in a freefall. he knows that he's lost it, and he knows that his time's a-coming (albeit on his own watch). but he won't leave without saying 'thank you', acknowledging the good, grounded parts of his world, or maybe that it is inherently a good place (that he can't handle), and then he is ready to die.

    the 'harvest breed' is a prize specimen or specimens of a crop that you kill early in order to collect their seeds and plant them in the future. the subject is "ready...for the harvest breed": he is a prize specimen, ready (and willing) to sacrifice himself, and knows that he and his qualities will live on and proliferate after he is gone.

    eerily prophetic. but that's nick's shtick.