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  • meme music
  • please come to brazil
  • April Ludgate brought me here! Great band.
  • Better than The Beatles.
  • Better than The Beatles? Are you f. retarded?
  • I love them
  • Papthony Smeartano approves.
  • Their music is so good. Fuck the haters.
  • Хоть и люблю NMH, но.... The Microphones>Neutral Milk Hotel
  • Great music!
  • Meme music.
  • Better than The Beatles [2]
  • Better than The Beatles.
  • you either think they are the greatest band to ever exist, or you know nothing about music. cheers.
  • I go long periods of time thinking this band is kind of overrated. Then I'll give them another shot, everything clicks, and I'm like ohhhhh I get it now.
  • I love you
  • Wow. You all suck. This band is amazing.
  • these guys are the perfect example that if you make an album, it will need to be super bad or super good to be a success. Even lo-fi artists got it good. They're an inspiration for me, by being this shitty. Thanks!!!
  • nice mem
  • anyone think the 2000 stuff is worth listening to?
  • 这个我支持,是他们最吼的呀゚ ∀゚)ノ
  • Still suck.
  • so overrated...
  • I had just listened to Simon & Garfunkel's debut album and realised how much NMH have ripped off their stuff
  • bring old last fm back
  • Awesome band! Lyrics with powerful meanings. One of the best i've heard for sure
  • Yeah, it's so cool to hate on indie bands these days. Yeah, i don't know what i'm doing with my life. Yeah, if it was the late 90's or early 0's half you haters would love this band. Remember when Indie was cool? yeah, neither do i.
  • By far the best parody band. Blows Weird Al out of the water.
  • will & will
  • My only wish in life is that the chans had never discovered NMH
  • three of the most important bands of all time
  • are you fucking kidding me? most overrated shit ever
  • opinions are nice
  • come to brazil
  • why is this so popular, anyway? I mean, average music, nothing too distinctive or brilliant.[1]
  • "well they're not the who because the who suck and have 1 good album whereas NMH have 2. you sound like kind of a pretentious fuck. it's sad you lose your enjoyment of artists over the fact that they tour again but oh well maybe you can find more memefolk to like and all the members kill themselves and as a result never sell out and try to make money playing music." - piero scaruffi
  • Gardenhead... more like potatohead.
  • Гет аут хиа
  • god CANCER
  • Jeremy Barnes looks like a leprechaun.
  • That neck beard makes me not want to see them live.
  • Polarising..
  • This fucking shoutbox
  • neither did I find "old-timey, magic, semi-circus, turn-of-the-century, penny arcade kind of imagery" in the whole ITAOTS record.
  • why is this so popular, anyway? I mean, average music, nothing too distinctive or brilliant.
  • this shoutbox is by far the worst one i've seen on yet


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