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  • magic and pure
  • I'm literally amazed by this album... It still sounds so fresh and good like few albums of the same period.
  • without ENO and Bowie borrowing from the German groups we wouldn't have had the music we have now.
  • Oh, and Neu! also had an influence on Punk, though that's less apparent on this album than it is on Neu! 75's second side. These Krautrock bands are all worth getting into. Explore their work and you'll see why many of us were scratching our heads and wondering why so many people thought that Kid A brought something new to the table. Almost everything "experimental" or "revolutionary" that Radiohead has done was done much earlier and much better by groups like Neu!, Faust, Can, Cluster, Harmonia, Kraftwerk, etc.
  • The reason -- or one of the reasons, I should say -- that this album is great, to those of you who don't "get it," is the way it blends precise, expert drumming (including the use of the "Motorik beat," as heard on "Hallogallo" and "Negativland") with distortion, tape loops/effects and noise. In a documentary about Krautrock made for the BBC several years ago, Iggy Pop gives a great description of Neu!'s music, calling it "thinking man's ambient." This is the type of music to put on and allow it to take you and your thoughts on a journey. Neu!, along with their West German peers in the late 60s and early 70s, made music that was so far ahead of its time that the rest of the world didn't catch up for many years, and in some cases still has yet to catch up. This album had a tremendous influence on the likes of David Bowie, Brian Eno and Iggy Pop, not to mention the Ambient, Electronic and Noise genres as a whole.
  • One of the greatest albums of ALL TIMES!
  • If you don't "get it" you're probably not meant to - move along.
  • if you don't get it or not sure or find it boring or whatever, just go listen to Lady gaga. a perfect recommendation for you.
  • Large, high quality PNG:!/Neu!/+images/93969671

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