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  • 120904_001 is my new fav. <3 [3]
  • 120904_001 is my new fav. <3 [2]
  • My recording is playing at my house my house
  • best artirst
  • come to brazil
  • EPIC
  • damn off the hook, when they goin on tour
  • "i like the part where the professor goes "mumble mumble" (2) - yeah, 110803_002 is absolute classic.
  • sold out after their first ep
  • please come to brazil
  • hahaha
  • i somehow involved with this band but the guys hate me when i tried to employ more drone doom element so i left.
  • Rofling xD lol
  • now talking about fiscal cliff..
  • favourite song ever written in history of mankind ;)
  • It must be a shame when your band is in similiar with office records :D
  • podcast from the head office. lol..
  • 120904_001 is my new fav. <3
  • It has more scrobles then many artists here. hahaha [2]
  • Love the new album ♥ Can't wait for the tour... [3]
  • TWinehouse LMAO
  • Love the new album ♥ Can't wait for the tour... [2] Grabadora Sony, go journalistas!
  • Z0000000004 is an absolute tune and a half.
  • Love the new album ♥ Can't wait for the tour...
  • ahahahahahaha
  • i like the part where the professor goes "mumble mumble"
  • This band is all hype man
  • similar artist: Permanent Fish! what a name but still overshadowed by the mightyness that are my recordings! their microphone placement just isn't up to standard...
  • Lol, I lol'd so hard when I saw this
  • 111109_001 is my favorite song ever
  • Hahahaha, I love this!
  • so many memories with this wonderful band.
  • Z0000006 is so much wildest than Z0000003!!!!!!!!
  • I love this band ! History of International Relations is my favorite song !
  • This shoutbox is hilarious. My "my recordings" are interviews I did for an internship.
  • los medios temas
  • That's an interview I did about foreclosures with a councilman. lol
  • Gotta love track 110315_001 :)
  • lol I can't get rid of this page :D :D
  • как все любят слушать диктофонные записи... :)))
  • awesome
  • My fave song is "History of the USA course 3" - So much emotion.
  • xd
  • I love this band

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