• playlist for the gym/running

    12 fév. 2012, 20h24m par Parasence

  • Nominations

    2 nov. 2008, 7h38m par atlantiluna

  • Muse Madness

    7 juin 2008, 18h33m par jerkjones

    Okay, so here it is, the result of me sitting here for about 20 minutes with nothing to do. The brackets mostly consist of songs from the respective album, with B-sides and some random/Hullabaloo tracks near the end when they came up short. The seedings are kind of random, especially towards the end of each bracket.

    I probably forgot some good tracks, but oh well.

    Vote for the first round, whichever songs you think should move on to the second round.

    Showbiz Bracket

    1. Unintended vs. 16. Ashamed
    8. Sober vs. 9. Cave
    4. Sunburn vs. 13. Overdue
    5. Uno vs. 12. Hate This & I'll Love You
    3. Showbiz vs. 14. Recess
    6. Falling Down vs. 11. In Your World
    7. Fillip vs. 10. Escape
    2. Muscle Museum vs. 15. Yes Please

    Absolution Bracket

    1. Hysteria vs. 16. Dead Star
    8. Thoughts of a Dying Atheist vs. 9. Endlessly
    5. Sing for Absolution vs. 12. Fury
    4. Butterflies and Hurricanes vs. 13. Ruled by Secrecy
    3. Stockholm Syndrome vs. 14. Eternally Missed
    6. Apocalypse Please vs. 11. Falling Away With You
  • Be negative about your top 20: A Meme

    29 sept. 2007, 23h24m par nehemiah553

    Borrowed from gleevelvet - and I'm sure countless others!

    Based on my overall charts.

    NB: I already like these bands. Don't complain about me being negative about them - that's the point! Don't try and convince me to like them, I already do :)

    Hope of the States

    Well, that's easy - they split up! The selfish bastards. Don't they know that I loved them?

    Trail Of Dead

    Conrad Keely nearly hit me in the head with his guitar when I saw them last month. That's just mean, I don't care how cramped the venue was.

    Sigur Rós

    Um............................. this is difficult. Okay, I've got it - how the hell are you meant to say ( ) in spoken English? I mean come on!

    The Police

    Stewart Copeland has a long face and looked daft when I saw them with his sweatband on.


    Another case of a band selfishly splitting up and not even playing To The Cars when I saw them for the last time.

    Youth Group

    Toby Martin's hair is crazy.


  • Moose

    26 août 2006, 12h57m par idlehands

    So, in the absence of U2 (the hiatus is going pretty swell, by the way) and the lack of a new album from The Killers for another month or so, I've latched pretty tightly onto what was my third favourite band, Muse. Band crushes are so much fun, you guys. Prior to this I'd only ever listened to Absolution and bits of Origin of Symmetry and Showbiz; but now I'm well swept up in Hullabaloo, live tracks and b-sides and whatever, mostly thanks to the shameless encouragement of one suitoflights.

    Anyway, since I saw this survey floating around on LJ, I thought it'd be fitting to do it as a Muse song survey, so here goes. I only just figured out how to do the artist/song connections, haha.

    Choose an artist: Muse

    Favourite song: I officially hate this question.

    Recently I've been playing Starlight and Map of the Problematique until my ears fall off, but Bliss has also been a longtime favourite; as has Stockholm Syndrome, of course.

  • Underlistened Bands Vol 2

    19 jui. 2006, 15h35m par SpinyNorman777

    First off - got both the hidden track, and bside from Muse's new releases: Glorious and Crying Shame. FANTASTIC! I'm amazed they weren't on the album to be perfectly honest. Ah well.

    To work!

    are a ska punk band from Gloucestershire...and great! They came to my Uni a while back, and performed a terrific set (including the guitarist peforming one of their songs whilst going up and down in the disabled lift - heh heh). Annoyingly at the time I wasn't able to skank because my ankle was knackered from rugby, but still a great gig (Duff Muffin were supporting - SUPERB stuff there too). Anyway, it's just happy, tongue-in-cheek music, that's easy to listen to and easy to get into. And some superb cover songs.

    Skanking Song - a song all about hair, and a great song. Some killer lines in it...
    Centre Fold - a cover of the classic J. Geils Band song. Laavely.
    Kicking Pigeons - a live favourite and a happy song!
    Friend Called Fred - briliantly giggleable lyrics, and some very nice guitar.
  • CD prices

    23 juin 2006, 8h15m par marshee

    I thought I'd write this post as a celebration of this being my 1000th post here on lastfm... and guess what, it's not going ito be a list or survey or any such crap!...


    It's a collection of thoughts of mine. I'll start with Muse. I recently ordered a package deal on their new single, Supermassive Black Hole which includes a limited edition Vinyl, the single with SMBH and Crying Shame, and a DVD with the making of SMBH. I haven't watched the DVD yet, soI can't comment on it, but I listened to the single and as I already have heard SMBH, I knew what to expect... What shocked me was Crying Shame. I downloaded the bootleg of it from when it was played in concert (Earls Court I think) and it really impressed me with it's soariong chorus, however, on CD it seems somewhat lame, like the inspiration has fled it, it also seems old and again very un Muse-ish, less so in my opinion then SMBH. Well, at least I only spent £5 on the whole bundle so it's not to bad. This now leads on to second thought of mine. …
  • Muse - Supermassive Black Hole

    17 juin 2006, 14h53m par Teneroth

    I've just ordered Crying Shame this off of Record Store UK - all three formats for £5. Now all I need is the promo CD (the one with the scratch of panel).

    Though it hasn't arrived yet, some people on the Muse Live forum have received their copies, and were kind enough to share "Crying Shame". Muse fans may remember this track from Earls Court 2004 on the 19th of December (myself included). Bellamy said it "went down like a ton of bricks". Bollocks I say, the crowd were listening and enjoying. The key changed during the MTV Campus Invasion Tour of 2005 in the US ... but the change present in the studio version is much less subtle. The entire riff was changed, the song was cut from 2:50 to 2:35, the lyrics were changed, and Bellamy swears for the first time in a studio recording (aside from the "Proper fuckin' rock & roll" at the end of "The Groove In The States" on the "Absolution Tour" DVD)…