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  • You can download that song from here as mp3 from youtube, Butterflies and Hurricanes:
  • I imagine this music as Naruto's theme, it would be epic!
  • "Best, you've got to be the best, you've got to change the world and you use this chance to be heard. Your time is now."
  • He works at an apt complex, they need a girl in the office and he wants me to work there. Its more $, but then im trading money for sanity. He probably just wants to spy on me. what do u think/ sometimes money doesnt mean shit, right
  • Godlike
  • Amazing.
  • amazing=)
  • good
  • It's both "&" and "and", the cover says "&", the case says "and". P.S. This is the truth.
  • It's "&" not "and" [6]
  • Need for Speed!
  • always seem to hear real hurricanes listening to this one
  • Just blows me away every time I hear it ....
  • Noooooo!!!!!! The song froze......
  • But then I'd be hitting the heart button on the incorrect tag. I'll do it on the correct tag, Butterflies & Hurricanes.
  • Who cares about the typography? Simply hit the "HEART" button! :)))
  • It's "&" not "and" [5]
  • Everyone click on "Is Butterflies And Hurricanes misspelt? Is Muse the wrong artist for this track? Suggest a correction" on the right and correct it to "Butterflies & Hurricanes" as that's what the spelling is on the actual album!
  • that piano! awwwwsome
  • It's "&" not "and" [4]
  • It's "&" not "and" [3]
  • It's "&" not "and" [2]
  • Thanks to Nocturana's radio - Paul.
  • N33D 4 5P33D
  • Single version is such perfect *_*
  • I'm really lost to what muse is doing these days. This track wasn't surpased.
  • FU! It's "&" not "and".
  • Best, you've got to be the best, you've got to catch them all!
  • Butterflies & Hurricanes
  • dat piano interlude
  • Awesome, The piano seems like a Rak Quote!
  • "Butterflies & Hurricanes" - "&"!!! - correct it!!!!.......... please =)
  • You've got to be the best
  • should be --> Butterflies & Hurricanes
  • I love this song and it is the favourite Muse song of a good friend of mine that I miss very much...
  • Epic piano :)
  • I think this song explains everything - it's MUSE at its BEST. Their time is now and they are THE BEST! LOVE THEM SO MUCH!
  • beessst this song is the beeeeeeeeeeest :D
  • Love the piano parts in Muse's songs - such a unique band!
  • perfect
  • I can't even comprehend this song. My mind always ends up on the other side of the room.
  • Amazing song
  • EPIC!!!!!1 one of the best songs EVER <3
  • Epic....just doesn't say enough about this track. By far one of Matt Bellamy's best. The boys rock this one!
  • Could the mods please change this once and for all to 'Butterflies & Hurricanes'? [2]
  • Muse will never be this good again.


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