• Lorrrdi Hallelujah!

    29 oct. 2006, 23h30m par krizzz

    Last week, I got to see 25 Oct – Lordi as a late birthday-present. I was pleasantly surprised those creepy looking monsters are actually a bunch of great, talented musicians. Sure, I've heard their albums and saw their performance at the Eurovision Songfestival, but you can make a great album with lesser-talented musicians, and at the ESC only the vocals were performed live.
    Another thing that kinda surprised me are the huge dance-influences. Even on stage, the keyboards play a vital role in the music (but for some reason, I didn't realise that beforehand. It sounded like cliche-glam to me)

    Of course, most songs are kinda powerful, but even the sensitive balled It Snows in Hell sounded just as good as, say, Devil Is A Loser (during which Mr. Lordi made some obscene wank-like handgestures)

    After the main set, there's always the song the majority of the crowd knows, but hadn't been played yet. In this case it was Would You Love a Monsterman