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  • Nothing same as before after listening this band. [3] The world needs a Mr.Bungle reunion! [2]
  • The world needs a Mr.Bungle reunion!
  • Nothing same as before after listening this band. [2]
  • RECENZJA albumu Faith No More! Najlepszy album od...?
  • I'd say it's between them and Pearl Jam. Ten and Mr. Bungle were huge.
  • Nothing same as before after listening this band.
  • This is what life would sound like if you could hear everything, everywhere, all the time.
  • Una de las mejores bandas de la historia c:
  • @Nagsworth what a troll are you 12 years old? gtfo.
  • listen:::::
  • My masters!
  • Зашёл послушать ска, а тут это. Не водочно.
  • @Nagsworth - Fuck off.
  • вот ведь, мне, наконец-то, Disco Volante начал нравиться больше, чем California. :)
  • I love listening to Desert Search for techno Allah at a party, and nobody notices
  • man fuck trevor dunn if he's gonna be a bitch, just get flea or someone to do it man fuck it that's what i think
  • Но клипы у них жестоки)
  • For any Zorn fans out there, i recommend you try and listen to Filmworks V: Tears of Ecstasy from 1996. The tracks: Cusp samples Everyone i went to High School with is Dead and Deviation samples the ending of The Bends. Just some fun facts for the nerds that maybe haven't noticed.
  • 10/10 n_n
  • Good.
  • Yeah, Spruance said that there has been offers from festivals for them to reunite. It sort of sounds like they would be willing to do it if the offer was good enough but at the same time, they would prefer to do it for artistic reasons.
  • Interesting, thanks for sharing. I remember seeing Trevor had said something like "Bungle is dead and I'm glad about it" but I've never really heard why that would be. Anyway, thanks Vod_Crack and hopefully the renewed activity with the Bungle merchandise and vinyl will maybe lead to some discussion of playing music together again.
  • @MisterJunior: There was a magazine interview with Patton earlier on in the year and his answer to the possibility of a Bungle reunion was "Who knows?" He seems open to the idea of a reunion, if it's done for the right reasons. Patton also posted on Facebook a link to the new Mr. Bungle merch website and he also said that new authorised vinyl was coming in 2015. Signs of things to come maybe? Spruance and McKinnon have always been keen to get the band back together again. I am not sure what Heifetz thinks of the situation, he doesn't seem to do many interviews but I think the main person to convince these days would be Mr. Trevor Roy Dunn. He seems to the one guy out of all of them who just isn't interested in playing with Mr. Bungle again. I don't know what's going to happen obviously but if I was a betting man, I think it will happen... eventually.
  • Has anyone seen any interviews with Mike or Trey recently? It seems they've patched things up, with Trey having performed King for a Day, Fool for a Lifetime live with FNM recently and Mike having done a song with SC3. As far as I've always heard the disconnect in Bungle was between those two. I have heard a few rumors about some sort of falling out between Trey and Trevor, though. I really hope they can get back together for a tour or two if nothing else. A new album would be occasion for tears of joy, though.
  • it's an obituary gives me a concept of time
  • listening to mr. bungle sets my ass on fire [2]
  • My Yearbook keeps me informed, my yearbook keeps me in line.
  • lol mike patton. no thanks
  • real avant-garde, nice!
  • - Thoroughly recommended interview with Trevor Dunn. If you like jazz, metal and classical music, are a fan of New York Downtown music and appreciate Trevor's playing + musical influences, you'll dig this interview. (<Ughr, I hate myself for writing that horribly long sentence.)
  • my mom is better than your mom and dad too !
  • Everyone I Went to High School With Is Dead
  • Мои любимчики:**
  • It's like Primus, only with more acid and more shrooms and heavily distorted guitars and shameless funk ditties thrown inbetween. Where can it go wrong?
  • <3
  • My hand gets tired and my dick sore after a night of Mr. Bungle.
  • listening to mr. bungle sets my ass on fire
  • Shannon Selberg should start a solo project called Mr. Bugle.
  • EGG!
  • Who the fuck are the Red Hot Chili Peppers?!
  • v lol right? Trey Dunnwell and Mark Patton are gods! I saw them when they opened for the Red Hot Chili Peppers in 1999. Inspiring!
  • @gabriellogan, his name is Trey Dunn. god, it's like you're not even a true fan of the band.
  • And Trevor Dunn @Oates_Moustache


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