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  • ROFL Pete Sandoval is an exhibitionist!
  • Considering the recent events, the last song on Illud is pretty ironic. Mea Culpa=my fault sings Vincent lol.
  • join
  • @crazysharky666 Yes, those Formulas Fatal to the Flesh instrumentals are incredible too!
  • @GodofDeathMetal: Don't forget Hymn to a gas Giant and Ascent Through The Spheres.
  • There is no filler whatsoever on Gateways.
  • No talk about Morbid Angel losing members? Now it's only Steve Tucker and Trey Azagthoth.
  • [track artist=Morbid Angel]Trooper[/track] is an amazing instrumental. So is [track artist=Morbid Angel]Disturbance in the Great Slumber[/track]. Oh yeah and [track artist=Morbid Angel]Day of Suffering[/track].
  • V agreed. And those instrumentals that are so called "filler" are actually quite enjoyable imo.
  • There are no filler songs in Morbid Angel.
  • Isn't Pete Sandoval an exhibitionist?
  • Am I the only one who prefers David Vincent over Steve Tucker (get the electronic songs out our your mind)? Both guys are good, don't get me wrong. But the first 4 albums beat the living shit out of the Tucker era. Formulas is pretty killer, but Gateways has a few good songs and a lot of slow, boring filler. Heretic has about 3 good songs, filler, and a ton of shitty interludes. Tucker has a deeper pitched growl than DV, but much less powerful/aggressive delivery.
  • Tucker's return will hopefully result in a decent to good MA album again. Certainely wouldn't mind a Gateways 2.0 myself.
  • Trey + Tucker + Rutan + Mike Smith. Now that would be a massive line up.
  • I'm still waiting for my Skrillex split.
  • Tim Yeung - out, Destructhor - out , David Vincent - out. Is there any band called Morbid Angel?
  • If only they could get Rutan back!!
  • I'd like to believe that, being David gone, he will take all that modern crap with him, but as far as I know, Trey leads the musical direction of Morbid Angel, isn't he? So he had to agree with that. I'm trying to keep positive that they'll come up with good stuff, but I'm not really counting on it.
  • Very happy about Tucker being back
  • If only they could get Rutan back!!
  • farewell gay cowboy!
  • Very happy about Tucker being back. Hopefully it means more Formulas and Gateways in the live set as well.
  • Yes David is a giant blubbering vagina but you can't deny he was a beast on the first 4 MA albums. Having said that however Steve tucker coming back is a good thing
  • Cant expect too much now. Even the last album they did with Tucker and Sandoval was pretty lame.
  • with David out and Steve back, I can only say one thing: AGORA VAI
  • YEEEEEEEEEEES!!! Steve is back!!! Hloy shit, thats fucking awesome!!!! Hes a fucking beast live. If the next album is 5% closer to FFF Ill be happy.
  • Steve Tucker's return is hilarious
  • Epic band!
  • I blame myself for not listening to this band enough.
  • Cheesy?! Wow, I've heard it all now. I came here to says: "other band's play; Morbid Angel go to the fucking event horizon and back." But if you want cheesy, I guess that other band who 'kill' are more your thing.
  • Really cheesy band imo, all the Satan and occult nonsense gets really old. Trey Azagthoth is an excellent guitarist though, Pete Sandoval is a great drummer too. David Vincent is a giant, blubbering vagina.
  • v Azagthoth, not even a contest really
  • James Murphy vs. Trey Azagthoth.... Who do ya got?
  • Agoraphobic News - Webzine dedicated to the heaviest music around!
  • Amazing band!!!
  • Altar Of Madness and Covenant is two masterpieces. If i had to choose between them i choose Covenant.
  • I would say that Formulas Fatal To the Flesh is their only good album. I love how massively overrated they are but their only good album is massively underrated.
  • Their best? Illud Divinum Insanus. No questions.
  • Oh Heretic, why did you have to sound like it was recorded underwater?
  • Their best? Covenant. No questions.
  • Formulas Fatal To The Flesh vinyl reissue in May. Likely FDR version, since it will be on Earache and not another one of Century Media's licensed versions.
  • Caught within my evil spell
  • My favorite album of theirs is Domination, with Covenant coming in a close second. "Fans of old Morbid Angel should check out the new Perdition Temple album out now on Hell's Headbangers:" <- hell yeah, Perdition Temple is an excellent band that reminded me of old Morbid Angel as well.
  • Their best? Altars of Madness. No questions.
  • Their best? Blessed Are The Sick. No questions. [3]
  • Altars of Madness!
  • Their best? Blessed Are The Sick. No questions. [2]
  • look forward to that Juvenilia 12" on Record Store Day. Live album of a Nottingham '89 concert. killer setlist, all Altars Of Madness tracks. One of the only live albums worth owning imo.


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