• Album of the month, February 2012 (weeks 6-9)

    12 mars 2012, 8h24m par Hollow0ne

    Luihin ja ytimiin by Mokoma

    Mokoma is without a doubt my favourite band. When they released Luihin ja ytimiin in 2007 it seemed to be the greatest thing they had ever done. But has the album hold time that well?

    Album opens very nicely with tight Sinä riität, one of my personal favourites, and continues solidly with Nujerra ihminen. Then comes Veriveljet, which is kinda all over the place and lacks some tightness and focus, if you will.

    That's what I think is the "biggest problem" with this album. It's not that focused and tight as their previous work had been. Some of the songs need more dynamic and the whole album feel kinda unpolished and rushed together. Rough sound and mixing doesn't help. Whereas the raw sound was a breath of fresh air and a fist in your face at the same on their previous album Kuoleman laulukunnaat, now it just messes with some of the faster riffs and the outcome is rather... well, messy. It also makes Kuisma Aalto's and Tuomo Saikkonen's playing sound lazy.