• My current favourite metal albums and EPs.

    8 oct. 2011, 7h08m par EquusStorm

    Fragments Of D-Generation , Disarmonia Mundi
    Melodic death metal
    A crown jewel of melodic death metal. Highly memorable riffs and ridiculously catchy songwriting. But don't let that description discourage you - for being an album that's at first glance somewhat commercial-sounding, this is one of the best Gothenburg-inspired albums of all time. Featuring Bjorn Strid of Soilwork sharing vocal duties with the two other consistent members of the lineup, this album contains some of the most mesmerizing keyboard work in metal, along with ridiculously intricate melodies and patterns that take many listens to fully discover. You will find something new every time you listen to this. Those who dislike melodic death metal will probably want to pass this over, but anyone with even a slight interest in the genre is encouraged to get this immediately.

    The Treasures Arcane , Crown of Autumn
    Epic melodic black/death metal
    A HIGHLY overlooked and underrated metal treasure. …