• Wilted Flower

    20 oct. 2014, 20h11m par fm014

    what busy times I am living in. It seems like I’m about to reach some kind of limit. But as long as I can enjoy new music, that condition might also have some upsides.
    Last week in covers:
    > OK Go : new album alert. I did not expect much of “Hungry Ghost”, and so I’m not surprised to find that “The Writing’s On The Wall” is my only favorite track from it.
    > Caribou : (quite) new album alert. I was curious because of great reviews, but I guess the simplistic setup is not my cup of tea.
    > You+Me : new album alert. “rose ave.” is good piece of work that even fits the season, because of the relaxed mood it may provide.
    > Minnie Driver : new album alert. Despite the fact, that almost every song is a cover, it sometimes helps not to know the original version. And she still has a lovely voice. :P


    Most played artists:
  • Young Blood

    3 oct. 2011, 22h27m par fm014


    I almost forgot to write this week’s (ultra late)
    Last week in covers:
    > Katie Melua : I wish her last album didn’t have that few let-downs. But it’s still great.
    > Edward Shearmur : K-PAX score... I don’t need to say more.
    > The Raveonettes : I think that their latest album is perfect for hot days at work.


    Most played artists:
    > blink-182 : A new album and an older track made me put this band back on my playlist.
    > James Horner : In case you’re wondering - yes, it was the Titanic score. I listened to it at work.
    > Minnie Driver : Also at work I gave her second album another spin. There are some really great songs on it.

    Most played tracks: (the iPod edition)
    > Young Blood : This is one of my absolute favorites at the moment. I love the high tune.
    > Speak to Me (Bassflow Remake) : Every time I’m on the train this song needs to be played. …
  • Wild Horses

    12 jui. 2010, 20h08m par fm014

    Hi music friends,

    I'm still happy with my new badge... and it already doesn't feel that new. :-P
    Last week was basically mostly about revisiting older tunes... and for details here comes a newer...
    Wanna have a look? There you go:
    So among the covers there's:
    - Phil Collins : I'm not sure if it was his last studio album, but it's always kind of surprisiung when I listen to it. The songs are cheesy in some way ("Can't Stop Loving You" hello?) and mostly mid-tempo, but on the other side they have catchy elements.
    - Katie Melua : her new songs make me smile :-)
    - Miley Cyrus : oops ^^ I mean, yeah, that's right. I actually do listen to her new music. And why? The production is great. Remember when I wrote about Justin Bieber? It's actually the same here... they both even take the advantage of the same producers :-P
  • Lights Out

    5 jui. 2010, 20h18m par fm014

    Nabend Leute,

    first of all: the badges are back! :-)
    If you're a passionate user, you probably want to create a new badge.
    I already did it. ^^

    And now because nobody asks for it, there's this...
    At first I wasn't sure about my nightly scrobblings, but now I kind of can live with it. And it also makes me change the "sleep well music" more often which is great. ^^
    On the other hand it affects my stats. I just have to look at the album cover compilation image ^^
    There you find:
    - Jack Savoretti (see previous posts),
    - Sarah McLachlan : new album still on my radar,
    - Imogen Heap : re-discovered her music (in fact I'm looking for the few songs that really have something special).
    - Thirteen Senses : my dream dealers ^^ (btw. title reference),
    - Cut Copy : good time alternative pop music
    and Air whose music has been with me over the years. …
  • New keys

    22 sept. 2008, 15h27m par fm014

    There is much to happen these days.
    So it's quite difficult for me to find some time to rest.
    I really hope next week will start better.

    Some days ago I listened to the music of Minnie Driver and I find it really relaxing.
    Apart from that some of my favorites are on heavy rotation :-)

    And so the work goes on...

  • Artists I like by location, pt 3

    14 mai 2008, 12h47m par hanjabanja

    Calling Wendy (Toronto)
    Christine Fellows (Winnipeg)
    The Diskettes (Vancouver)

    Lili Bee (Lille)
    Kid with no eyes (Ile-de-France)
    kordo (Paris)

    Cathi Bruns
    Ellen Klinghammer (Mannheim)

    Amiina (Reykjavik)

    Melissa Ciaramella (Rome)

    New Zealand
    Kat McKenzie (Wellington)

    Sara Van (Madrid)

    Lykke Li (Stockholm)
    Britta Persson (Stockholm)
    Elin Ruth Sigvardsson (Stockholm)

    Ellie Lawson (London)
    Queen Tantrum (Liverpool)
    The Boy Least Likely To
    The Freewheelin' Troubadors
    Tofu Love Frogs (Hackney)
    Tunng (London)
    Josh Weller


    Sharon Burch (Parker)
    Andrew Jackson Jihad (Phoenix)

    Soophie Nun Squad (Little Rock)

    Giant Drag (Los Angeles)
    Minnie Driver (Malibu)
    Blair Hansen (Bay Area)
    Arabella Harrison (San Diego)
    Jellybean! (Goleta)
    Mazzy Star (Los Angeles)
    Aradhana Silvermoon (Topanga)

    Max Levine Ensemble (Washington)

  • Pretty Girl, Pretty Music, part 6: My Dilemma with Miss Johansson

    18 fév. 2008, 4h22m par rockosmodurnlif

    Apparently I'm late on this bit of news. I honestly had no idea what I was going to write about but I always keep my eyes open and while checking out my Modern Drummer newsletter I read this:
    Actress Scarlett Johansson will release her debut album, Anywhere I Lay My Head, on May 20. The album features ten Tom Waits songs and one original track. Yeah Yeah Yeahs' guitarist Nick Zimmer, along with Tall Firs drummer Ryan Sawyer, appear on the disc.
    I've heard Miss Johansson sing. I'm a fan of her movies, I absolutely fell in love with her (ass) in "Lost in Translation", which wouldn't have been as good as it was without Bill Murray, he really deserved an Oscar for that role, he made the movie. I saw her in the karaoke scene in the movie. I have that Unexpected Dreams: Songs From the Stars benefit CD, which I can't justify owning at the moment. I've listened through it once, the most listened to track is Miss Johansson's and she does a decent job tackling the ubiquitous "Summertime"…
  • My entirely subjective top150 tracks from my playlist

    2 jan. 2008, 22h37m par cw360

    This list is ever-changing in my head and the second I typed it up I probably began to disagree with it. I don't expect anyone else to remotely agree with it, but it is my personal preference so although I value your opinions ultimately I think they are wrong!For example is there really no room for Saint Etienne or Air or GusGus? And do I really like the Cutting Crew track more than the Zager & Evans track? The debate continues in my head. There were limits as to how many tracks an artist could have. Else the list would have loads of Guillemots and Magic Numbers and Lamb and Massive Attack and Counting Crows. Anyways, here goes:

    1. Don't Dream it's Over-Crowded House
    Just a perfect modern pop song. And one I never tire of listening to.

    2. Heaven-Lamb
    I first heard this on the closing credits to some Tour de France coverage and at the time hadn't heard of Lamb. But that soon changed, this is a gorgeous slice of music, still my favourite Lamb track…
  • Top 7 albums of 2007.

    22 déc. 2007, 12h47m par RyanRobertJ

    Ok, that tackiness isn't on purpose. I was going to do Top 5, but when I had more than 5, I opted for 10 - but again, I couldn't quite make it to 10, so here we are.

    2007 is not the best year for music, I must say that now. I only realized this once going through my music folders. This may be because I didn't really discover much *new* in 07 - I stuck to what I knew. I'll try breaking that habit in 2008.

    1. Marilyn Manson - Eat Me, Drink Me

    Huge upset here. Surprisingly enough, this is the album I kept coming back to this year. Great writing, great music, great return.

    2. The National - Boxer

    From the opening of the first song "Fake Empire", you already know they've done it again. This album is so well done, but it feels slightly like a retread of 2005's Alligator.

    3. Turin Brakes - Dark On Fire

    Not their best album, but still some very catchy hooks and aural pleasures here. it also holds a couple of their best songs to date. Addicting album.

    4. David Usher - Strange Birds
  • Ramble: Taste versus taste, artist versus art, celebrity, a poem

    13 août 2007, 23h35m par nicebutnubbly

    As I go through and rate my music library, I have discovered something about myself that I had not really understood before.

    I don't like Bjork.

    I told my partner this, and he said, "That's because you have no taste!"

    But I've been talking about this with several people lately, and I think there's a huge difference between having Taste and having tastes. I know Taste when I see it, though I can't always replicate it personally (c.f. Bourdieu, Distinction, etc.), and I can tell quality (which doesn’t always align with Taste) when I see it, but neither of those things always matches my personal tastes.

    Take Rush, for example. Rush is an incredible band. An incredible band that I will never, ever like. It's just not my kind of music, however excellent it may be. Bjork is a great musician whose music mostly tends to leave me cold and a little annoyed. I'm even sure there are fabulous contemporary R&B artists, though I dislike the genre so intensely that I'm not sure I could tell you who they are…