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  • Avatar de cfyves
    Incredible talent. There, I said it.
  • Avatar de trank_grappa
    he the man! ;-) ... should actually be world-famous!
  • Avatar de Drazba
  • Avatar de santinit
    Mike Keneally is my newest obsession
  • Avatar de cronfordox
    i love people who love people who love mike keneally
  • Avatar de kissthedawn
    It's kinda creepy how I start thinking of Mike every time I listen to Lady Gaga. Like, what the. He's everywhere in my brain.
  • Avatar de OctoberFogGloom
    Wow, no love since 2010.
  • Avatar de bobule
  • Avatar de crayolathief
    Saw Keneally play in Boston years ago where, seized by a seemingly uncontrollable urge, he leapt off the stage and burst into a fiery thirty-second rendition of "Siberian Khatru," much to the surprise of his bandmates and, most likely, himself. Many jaws were dropped, some never found. Say, when's his collaboration with Andy Partridge going to see the light of day anyhow?
  • Avatar de Empathy37
    It's kinda almost not fair how freakin' ridiculously talented this guy is.
  • Avatar de flasm
    If you ever see Sluggo.. even if you think it's a bit expensive, don't pass it up.. absolutely amazing!!!! Hopefully he'll re-release it sometime soon! Thanks Mike, you are a truly creative soul, on many different levels!
  • Avatar de trank_grappa
    yes, wow!! Mike Keneally ripped my head off! ;-) well, I had the same experience as Doe_A_Deer had, after a concert of MK & friends in Freiburg/Germany a few years ago. we did chat in the break & after the concert and MK is really one of the nicest guys I ever met, both musically and friendly-wise. his approach to "making music" will be inspiring me forever! tanx Mike :))
  • Avatar de roeschen55
  • Avatar de Doe_A_Deer
    Got to hang out and chat with him after a Dethklok show, and he is just the nicest man you could ever wanna meet. Extremely talented and totally friendly. He even sent me a message on MySpace later. What a nice dude. I love him forever after that conversation.
  • Avatar de the_jc
    Mike Keneally has the ability to blow my mind on a daily basis. Roll on Scambot!
  • Avatar de mizducky
    Mike Keneally's music blows my mind so thoroughly I've given up on trying to explain it in this little space. Plus he's a damn nice human being. How cool is that?
  • Avatar de makeshiftsilo
    how is the mike keneally band not one of the top similar artists
  • Avatar de summonholmes
    He's a nice guy and he's very talented. I met him not too long ago.
  • Avatar de tzavala
    i love people who love mike keneally

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