• Enjoyable 2015 Albums

    4 jan. 2015, 13h57m par edubbwitthevdub

    Watch this space.


    36 - Pulse Dive EP

    Ghost Culture - Ghost Culture

    Ovod - Between the Days

    Mary Yalex - Beyond Borders

    Keenya - Gone Home

    Lights & Motion - Chronicle

    Zpiral - Travel Around the Sun

    Northaunt - Istid I-II

    Martin Fröst - Natura EP

    Lupe Fiasco - Tetsuo and Youth

    Am.Light - Rooted

    Aphex Twin - Computer Controlled Acoustic Instruments pt2

    Pino Forastiere - Deconstruction

    Nina Kraviz - DJ-Kicks

    Sean McCann - Ten Impressions for Piano & Strings

    Steinbrüchel - Parallel Landscapes

    Alio Die and Lorenzo Montana - Holographic Codex

    Their Dogs Were Astronauts - Earthkeeper

    Kevin Kendle - Illumination

    Blue Sky Black Death and Nacho Picasso - Stoned & Dethroned

    Mike Gao - Migamo

    Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith - Euclid

    坂本龍一, Taylor Dupree and Illuha - Perpetual

    Midaircondo - IV

    Benjamin Clementine - At Least For Now


    Feed Me - A Giant Warrior Descends on Tokyo


    21 fév. 2012, 10h18m par phoen1ks

    Самопразднование первой годовщины основания блога о свободной поэтике и замысловатых битах в 21 веке —
    Единственная в городе абстракт хип-хоп дискотека от куратора блога, умные и красивые люди, дух противоречия клубу «Бас-бочка», по 50гр. чего угодно каждые n-минут,

    Аудиосопровождение :

    - PHOEN1KS (Владимир Щеблыкин — AHHMUSIC.RU)
    - Промо-товарищество ALTERNATIVE DESIRES
    - SYMPHOCAT (SSI Records)


    Специальные live-stream dj-сеты ко дню рождения блога от важных представителей американского подземелья:
    ISAIAH TOOTHTAKER (Tuscon/Machina Muerte)
    SPIES ON BIKES (Tampa)
    MIKE GAO (Los Angeles/Machina Muerte)

    Визуальное сопровождение : видео-проекции от Директора Независимого Кино и создателя проекта «Лекториум» Данила Алекссева.

    Если ты не совсем в теме, что такое абстракт хип-хоп, но:
    - всегда хотел узнать;
    - путаешь на афише реппера Басту и певца Трофима;
    - в тебе живет бунтарский дух;
    - испытываешь антипатию к репперу 50 Cent;
  • Survey on the charts as they stand

    13 nov. 2007, 10h42m par glassandahalf

    1. How did you get into 29?
    Well, currently we have a tie - 2 at 28. So I'll do them both. DJ Shadow was one of those guys that I always thought I should like - from just seeing his Endtroducing album so often in stores urging me to pick it up, to having people with good taste tell me he rules, but it was only when I decided to seek more of the stuff by Latyrx, and therefore Solesides, that I fell for his beats. Solesides Greatest Bumps is one of those albums that really, really stepped my music appreciation up a notch.

    Diana Ah Naid got big in Australia when I was overseas still, and just as I got back to Australia, I started listening almost religiously to JJJ (easily the best national radio station in the world, despite how crap it can be sometimes...). And that year she brought out "I dont think I'm pregnant", a wonderful LP full of angst, jangle-angst, a smattering of synth-pop, lashes of country... Its diverse, and at that stage I was way more willing to fall for words and use my imagination with songs. …
  • Undomondo Radioshow #10 24 Mar 2007

    30 mars 2007, 16h13m par kidindigo

    undomondo Radio Show is an offshoot of the undomondo mp3blog aired Saturday 10AM CET on Dinamo 103.8 FM in Istanbul. It's an eclectic radioshow featuring electronica/indie/jazz and all kinds of interesting world music.

    available from
    and odeo

    Slow start with The Tree People’s self titled folk effort on Tiliqua and then a great song by Helsinki natives Korpi Ensemble which effortlessly fuse jazz and folk into pop sensibilities. We continue with a song with a taster of Feist’s new album The oReminder, followed by our favourite southern rockers Kings of Leon with an outstanding drum performance. This part ends with the Finnish humppa stars Eläkeläiset covering a well known Queen song.

    The second part starts up with a huge mashup edit of a Missy Elliot’s “Work It” by Young Dog Alien, alias of disco DJ Greg Wilson, and continues into Sa-Ra Collective’s Hollywood on Ubiquity. …