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Lollipop (3:04)

pop · happy · britpop · british · fun


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  • download Lollipop.mp3
  • should've been the 2nd single
  • love song
  • say love say love
  • mama was sure chatty..
  • I love mika songs. They such a good message :)
  • Pure awesomeness!
  • This song always makes me ridiciously happy when I hear it.
  • Easily the greatest music video of all time. [2]
  • Easily the greatest music video of all time.
  • Mika is an eternal optimist! Happy music - awesome listened to REALLY loud!
  • jesus loves her she wants more...
  • nothing to say about this except wow
  • (*^▽^*)
  • Just Dance 3 :)
  • hey! what's the big ideeeeeeeeeea? [2]
  • Yo Mika!! =D
  • isso é perfeito cara, acho que a melhor do life cartoon motion
  • hey! what's the big ideeeeeeeeeea?
  • best song bitc*ssss
  • Amazing. ¡Me encantaaaaaaaaaaaa!
  • Why is this on Killers radio...?
  • My favorite song by these guys!
  • hearing this song makes me wanna dance. go out and dance...
  • Beautiful song.
  • love this :-)
  • Muito bom!!!!
  • wrong tagging me thinks?!
  • Jolly Jolly ♫♪♫
  • so fucking original...who sounds like this!?!?
  • O(∩_∩)O哈哈~好欢乐的歌。
  • this is a really happy song
  • this reminds me of kittys *u*
  • this reminds of the a good way.
  • shes a playahr and a downright..HO!!.
  • it's like a fuzzy kitten is drawing a rainbow in my mind ^_^
  • This song always makes me want to get up and dance! XD (2)
  • Soooo weird, but so catchy at the same time.
  • greatest song of my lifetime
  • yeahh!!
  • I heard this in Glee Promo And I slogged my ass to find this song.....I couldnt understand the lyrics so it was almost impossible to find :P Say Love \m/
  • Oh great, it's stuck in my head grrrr...
  • He makes me Happy!! Love Him! <3
  • rot ma soul
  • shoot me


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