• Too old to Rock'n Roll but too young to die

    3 fév. 2008, 17h22m par AlexboyCO

    Starting as a Blues - band in 1963, the musicians of The Blades ,
    Ian Anderson, guitar and harp,
    Jeffrey Hammond, bass,
    John Evans, piano,
    Michael Stephens, guitar and
    Barrie Barlow on drums
    changed the name and the members.
    First they were called John Evan Band, later on John Evan's Smash.
    Mr. Hammond was replaced by
    Glenn Cornick
    Mr. Stephens by
    Mick Abrahams
    and Mr. Barlow by
    Clive Bunker.
    Mr. Evans left and his place kept empty.
    The name of the band turned into

    * Jethro Tull

    In 1968 the first album was created -

    - This Was
    filled with - you guess - blues
    and the first flute sounds, played by Ian Anderson.
    Mr. Abrahams did not like the changes of the sound and left to create
    * Blodwyn Pig
    Martin Lancelot Barre joined in.
    The next album released in 1969 was called

    - Stand Up
    and the first pieces of jazz, folk and classics were integrated.

    - Benefit
    the third album fallowed in 1970 and John Evans returned.