• Top 11 of 2011

    6 jan. 2012, 5h21m par braholicpunk

    Top 10 (or so) Albums for the Year 2011

    With another year coming to a close, it is time to sit back and refelct on what has happened. We saw "occupy" take on a new meaning as the proletariat class attempted to right the wrongs committed by an unregulated financial monster. We witnessed Google strive to become the next behemoth of social media, aspiring to do to Facebook what it had done to Myspace and Friendster. We marked the death of a visionary, only to see his legend live on with the unveiling of a disappointment to most, the iPhone 4S, not 5. And in music, you watched the rise of both talented (Adele) and talentless (Rebecca Black) singers, to successes no longer thought possible in the music industry, thanks to both viral videos and an ever more discerning ear from the public. Again it is time for me to attempt to sift through the masses of shit, and deliver the golden kernels of joy that I thought delivered something unique in a year laden with letdowns. …