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  • Avatar de Rock_n_Robin
    So sweet...and I agree...this song makes me want to cuddle up with someone wonderful, too.
  • Avatar de PurplePostRock
    I waaaa-oh-ohoh-oh-ohohh yoooooo-ooh-oohooh-ooh-oohooh ♥ [2]
  • Avatar de PurplePostRock
    I hope to fall in love, too...not just with the song ♥
  • Avatar de tbone214
    She has an innocent quality about her style....
  • Avatar de puppyhand
    I waaaa-oh-ohoh-oh-ohohh yoooooo-ooh-oohooh-ooh-oohooh
  • Avatar de Miscelaineous05
    Her style reminds me of Ingrid Michaelson and Pricilla Ahn... it makes sense that they're listed as similar artists. Great song.
  • Avatar de lovelyladycc
    This song is soo deliciously sweet and pure! The musical arrangements, the lyrics, and the vocal melodies are beautifully simple and timeless! I LOVE IT! (Go Meiko! One of my favorite artists, for sure!)
  • Avatar de TwoWeeksWaiting
    i'd marry her cause i can die and go in peace with her voice chiming in my head
  • Avatar de shelbydoll72
    i love this song.
  • Avatar de J9noOngaku
    sweet song :)
  • Avatar de rachelsass
    she's fabulous
  • Avatar de LHeang77
    This song makes me want to cuddle up to someone wonderful... =)
  • Avatar de PlexFromJers
    love this song.
  • Avatar de cynbyn_love
    I wanna fall asleep with you* tonight <3
  • Avatar de pbord3
    *sigh* lovely
  • Avatar de polargirl60
    aww....this song makes my heart sing. :'D
  • Avatar de andyr1957
    is she singing to me??
  • Avatar de hmainme
    such a lovely song. can't get enough of it! :)
  • Avatar de g55
    This is a very nice song with great lyrics... really.
  • Avatar de catvampcrazines
    So much sweetness in that honey voice. Lovely song. <3
  • Avatar de daiiane_
    so good
  • Avatar de tsinf
    so good.
  • Avatar de Lexiedahhhling
  • Avatar de mr8690
    I play this on a first date. If she can't relax and chill long enough to enjoy this song I move on.
  • Avatar de cyberfuchs
    e very good soft song
  • Avatar de ennio69
    good song, good voice
  • Avatar de katwolf
    this song always melts my heart. >_<
  • Avatar de madskillz84
  • Avatar de jeffojeffo
    this is proper nice = )
  • Avatar de Jaqui83
    Wow, I love this <3
  • Avatar de xbbbBurn
    "girls need attention and boys need us, so let's make everybody glad." <3
  • Avatar de xosaycanuROCKx
    so cute
  • Avatar de marollemarie
    love this :)
  • Avatar de Luat
    sweet .
  • Avatar de woodpecker-65
    Great !!!
  • Avatar de MissKittenKlaws
  • Avatar de Stubenhockerin
    Meiko is the best
  • Avatar de naty104
    really lovely
  • Avatar de emmaforman
  • Avatar de sbunny
    Love it!!
  • Avatar de Melaniewow
    Beautiful! :)
  • Avatar de aggie2017
    I love your voice! Lame lyrics..
  • Avatar de augustohariss
    *-------------------------------* <33333333333
  • Avatar de LHeang77
    So many reasons to love this song and Meiko! =)
  • Avatar de DejaaEntendu
    ugh. I love this so much.
  • Avatar de Nachan2
  • Avatar de isomosaic
    She paints the world with such love...
  • Avatar de alicen1daland
    just perfect...
  • Avatar de courtneyjk1
    This song is so lovely.
  • Avatar de SinWagons
    Dream-Boat, do you really mean that guys are better technical singers, or that you just tend to prefer guy voices? If you genuinely believe that guys are better technical singers, then you should present some kind of statistical proof. If this is just a matter of personal taste, then why do you have to attach sexist meaning to a comment on personal taste?


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