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  • Perfect.
  • sls
    I dont listen to much jazz, but these guys are good no matter how you slice it. I was walking around at Summerfest in 2010 and went past the stage they were playing on, I heard this dude just rocking out on organ... had to pull out the handbill and find out who is that playing? I still have a copy of the handbill, framed, MMW is listed on it
  • dos rei
  • David Albahari brought me here...
  • Epic groove is epic
  • Back in 1992..
  • Stumbled upon them through John Zorn. Zaebos is so great!
  • I saw them live many many yrs ago. amazing!
  • Man, wanna see them so bad....
  • Groove³
  • Deadly.
  • My first submission to threadless. Inspired by a Medeski, Martin & Wood's hit where is the music! :D
  • so, tomorrow's the last night
  • playing at the whitney every friday this month for free
  • Hard to pin down, easy to enjoy ;)
  • Гуд
  • Groove.
  • This band is simply unreal. I wish I could listen to Medeski, Martin and Wood during sleep.
  • bring the fuuunk
  • my fav. was seeing them live, acoustic at Society of Ethical Culture, that church-like venue near Central Park. ... and I love NYC because Billy Martin's Wicked Knee is here tomorrow night. know that.
  • no love for new planet?!?!
  • tonsil jivin
  • my name is snake anthony
  • amazing
  • Saw these guys a couple times in the 90's and about lost my hearing from the brain vibrating BASS....good times.
  • zaebos album is the best
  • AAH! You have to fill so lucky, you can see them live! Amazing band, have a dream to listen to them live somewhere sometimes.
  • Awesome band. Just saw them for the first time live at Pearl Street in Northampton MA One of the best shows I've ever been to. Medeski is the MAN when it comes to vintage keys. Anyone who loves hammond, rhodes, or clav sounds will be totally into MMW
  • Jazz isn't dead! ... .. . It just smells funny..
  • Very nice!! Really like their productions! If you like them as well, you could check out Black Gold 360. Quite similar in sound, and they deserve some loving as well!
  • Where's the mu-sic?! :)
  • Excellent!
  • They're jazz-fusing! :-) Totally rock in the world of Jazz Instrumentalism
  • I fell in love with them after seeing them live!
  • Qué felicidad que vengan a Colombia! :D ♥
  • Discovering their music at the moment, seems really great!
  • Mami Gato <3
  • Reschedule your cancelled Mann Center performance in Philadelphia from last year!!!!!!!!!! Pretty please?
  • I just saw them, I shook their hands and I took a picutre with them. I can't believe it. I'm shocked.
  • van a neuquén o_o????
  • tree gods
  • I greatly enjoy MMW
  • fans of MMW might enjoy A Troop of Echoes -
  • i'm playing some mmw on my radio show this thursday, tune in for a good time:
  • Great show show last night in Eugene... ~Dan
  • I love how they play a 21+ show one month before i turn 21...
  • GrooooooOOOOOOvvvvvy
  • Billy Martin – Citizen Dick Interview


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