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  • Bring Old Back -
  • This band is nothing but timeless classics
  • Satan and god are two faces from the same coin,want be anti christian?become a pagan :)
  • Furries in a blender? Furries in a blender!
  • i fucking love the darkness that surround me when im listening to this
  • buried by time and butts
  • "De Mysteriis DOM Sathanas is shit" You forgot "the". De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas is THE shit ! :)
  • Your favorite main picture in another perspective
  • Antcristo,antnazi,antiburgues
  • retarded faggers
  • join
  • sls
    And they're back!
  • lol
  • sls
    I miss the furries.
  • Varg penetrate in Anonymous, shit, no, Euronymous.
  • "Madonna Video Director to Helm Norwegian Black-Metal Movie || Jonas Åkerlund will direct 'Lords of Chaos,' though Mayhem bassist says, "Tell the Swedes and the Hollywood people to go fuck themselves"" Source:
  • Commercial scum :P
  • Cancerable "similar" gayhole-anime artists. BTW. Vikernes > Eurony, sry
  • 나는 우리의 존경을 표현
  • v fuck ur self
  • in the end i'm glad we could all agree that this band is bad.
  • De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas <3
  • De Mysteriis DOM Sathanas is shit
  • lmao at Furries in a Blender and Renard being related artists.
  • I wasn't whining anyway about others opinion lol. Feel free to offend me. I don't mind you. ;)
  • your opinion is garbage maco. bengt you take lastfm too seriously. lighten up.
  • Maco097, your DNA must cry itself to sleep at night.
  • People can comment whatever they want in the shoutbox, get over it. Personally I think the shoutbox doesn't need a change, it's already interesting. btw: Ordo Ad Chao > Esoteric Warfare > Grand Declaration Of War > De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas >>>>>>>>>>>>> Chimera > Wolf's Lair Abyss > Deathcrush also: Attila >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Maniac > Dead
  • I don't whine about it, that's what the other guys do (like you for example). If you want to comment on an album, I think that's why album shoutboxes excist. The main shoutbox can be so much more intressting if it's used to post relevant stuff about the band. Anyway, if you don't agree it's not that I want to upset someone.
  • Whining about others opinions is just as pointless dude. If not more...
  • De Mysteriis DOM Sathanas is the best album ever
  • Wtf you guys, how can you all have this stupid discussion about taste.. It's just a waste and pointless. Listen to whatever album you like and write something worth reading.
  • Nope. Is not even the best Mayhem album.
  • De Mysteriis DOM Sathanas is the best album ever
  • Grand Declaration of War is a masterpiece.
  • the mysteis dom santhanas
  • Deathcrush is by far the best material by MayheM. I love playing Deathcrush (the title track) on guitar. Whenever I practice guitar, it's usually one of the first songs I like to warm up with.
  • Early stuff was the best. Especially Deathcrush. Early occult Black Metal.
  • v Way better than arguing with Varg about corn flakes, that's for sure.
  • manheim was one of the best black metal musicians of all time. incredible drummer, really fucking smart guy, very articulate/well spoken. comes across like a guy you could listen to krautrock with, joke around with, and talk about anything from philosophy to like...what sounds more appetizing in the moment, m&ms or a hershey? good shit.
  • GDOW: yeah, it's a good album. Not quite up there with Chimera and Ordo ad Chao though.[2]
  • Последний альбом гавно ЗЫ:
  • the only good mayhem album is the sounds you would hear if you fermented dead's brains in a mason jar and sniffed the fumes
  • v Deathcrush is sellout crap, Pure Fucking Armageddon ftw
  • gtfo with this overproduced sellout trash
  • deathcrush is the only good mayhem record you fucking posers, get with it
  • @vittuviladunaa sometimes it's best to keep quiet.


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