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  • I felt so cool listening to 100% Fun in college
  • v - probably due to having the IQ of a soggy Fruit Loop.
  • @MystryMiscreant, why do you have to be mean like that?
  • love his music sadly i only have his older stuff need to start getting more of his new stuff. anyone have any recomendations on his newer cds?
  • Jeff Mangum for Plebs?
  • After last May, I bought the deluxe edition of Girlfriend. I also bought In Reverse from a CD sale my university's radio station held. Still an amazing artist. I still ought to get more of his stuff.
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  • First heard when he released Girlfriend so many years ago. That record is perfect. I really want to hear his early band, Oh-OK.
  • My review of 100% Fun follow me! :)
  • I found CD copies of both 100% Fun and Altered Beast at a local flea market. Best $2 I've spent in a while. I need to check out the rest of his stuff.
  • Yep. Good stuff. Crunchy.
  • it all seems to come from the midwest
  • X [url=]♥[/url] O Matthew
  • sound like michael stipe.woah.awsome
  • happy birthday!!
  • Noisetrade is giving away a free acoustic sampler of Matthew's work, snag it here:
  • Uncanny pop instincts, mixed in with heavy guitar - it's like a strong drink of something alcoholic with ice cream and carbonated soda added, and somehow, it works - it really works! I find myself humming his tunes a lot, they're just so maddeningly catchy.
  • Amazing singer-songwriter, so talented...
  • Evangeline is an absolutely awesome tune. So glad I finally discovered this guy.
  • Check out mr. sweet performing at amoeba music. he's great. still.
  • 100% Fun
  • love, love, love etc ... ... ... ... ... and love
  • Check out for a personal view on MS's music: Hope you like it!
  • 'Living Things' is a great pop album which don't get nuffa spek
  • Girlfriend make me think of the Poison's song "Nothing But A Good Time ".
  • "Everything Changes" is on his 100% Fun album.
  • his songs are Pretty cool , people will laugh at me , but i just discovered about him through a movie i saw 2day called "Babby Sitters club" and there was this awesome song called "Everything changes" that i can't seem to find anywhere =( please let me know if anyone knows where i can find this song btw this Matthew guy is so UNDERRATED ...
  • Just pulled an old cassette of 100% Fun out of the attic. This guy is great. "Get Older", "We're The Same". Unbeatable melodic rock.
  • Surely you refer to your own post?
  • I'm just getting around to listening to 100% Fun. It's great! I should get some more of his other stuff.
  • @WFM...Have to agree with you. I accidentally discovered Sweet while working in a CD shop....In Reverse is an absolute masterpiece.
  • If you're a fan of Matthew Sweet, check out Chicago based indie artist DEAR ADORA! EP available for free stream...
  • Love <3
  • Cool track
  • I love you Matthew! Keep on singing cause you're out of this world awesome!!!
  • The only album I have is "Girlfriend", but I really like it. I should get more. Power pop!
  • so 90's
  • I love Girlfriend, but 100% Fun is just as the title advertises.
  • Girlfriend is a really great pop album.
  • New song up called "Julia" and its free for D/L just like all of my other songs. (if you are into rock/alternative you might like my shit) Go to my artist page for D/L
  • cheesy
  • "Sunshine Lies" has officially beaten "Altered Beast" and "Living Things" out of the top spot of my favorite Matthew Sweet albums. It's a Hell of an album. I love every track on it. My only gripe is that I would have liked for the bonus tracks to be included on the CD version. Fantastic album! :D
  • "Room to Rock" probably made it because the album needed more rockers. It's slight but it does give you a hit of the classic Matthew Sweet sound, with all the great Richard Lloyd guitar work.
  • the stand out track for me is Time Machine ^^
  • I liked the new disc after a few listens. There's a couple of tracks I could do without, but overall, it's a good album. Matthew seems actually joyful on this one. I kinda miss the old "obsessed broken-hearted" Matthew though.
  • I've listened to Sunshine Lies a few times now, and it's just not as strong as 100% Fun or Girlfriend, or even Altered Beast for that matter. But it is a big step beyond the previous two albums, and it seems to be going in the right direction.
  • Anyone get the new CD yet? What do you guys think of it??
  • Sunshine Lies is a fairly solid album, after a few spins. After I heard some of the more 'loud' songs on his MySpace page, I was worried, since they felt sort of flat. But the album is pretty dang good, with some really catchy hooks. Richard Lloyd and Ivan Julian pull of some great guitar heroics, too (as do Greg Leisz and Sweet, for that matter).
  • Sweet played an awesome set at Amoeba Music the other night. Great live performer. Listening to the new tracks live actually kind of made me disappointed to listen to the CD later. His best albums are still Girlfriend and 100% Fun. Sad that not everyone can get into his music.
  • damn, who put dwight from the office as matthew sweet's picture


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