• My new favourites (and Pandora)

    21 oct. 2006, 18h24m par Humlepung

    I have had the pleasure of listening to Pandora, a great place to discover new music. And by luck, I stumbled into some great new bands and artists:

    01. Josh Rouse "It's The Nighttime" from the album "Nashville" (2005)
    What a great song. He manage to make quite happy music without making a fool of himself, diffucult in many ways. this song make me wanna go down to the local pub right away. not to drink my sorrows away, but just having a ball!

    02. Archer Prewitt "Wilderness" from the album "Wilderness" (2005)
    The guitarist for The Sea and Cake and formerly of The Coctails is indeed doing great by his own. This song has gone on hot repeat for a week, and the haunting, a bit psychedelic tune creeps into your brain for good, and that is just good for the brain, I can assure :o)

    03. Matthew Brookshire "Better" from "8 Songs" (2006)
    A complete unknown artist for me till now, but I will really want to check out more bout this talented singer /songwriter. …