• I'm new here, and a manifesto

    24 mai 2008, 19h19m par mattsearles

    Matt Searles

    Well lets start.. I'm new here.. so I have no idea what I'm doing really. I figure I need to say this incase I behave in ways that are stupid.. I mean.. stupid in the sense that I don't really know how to behave on this site.. so you're ability to forgive my indiscretions are very much appreciated.

    Ok, on with the manifesto: I finally got around to writing an artist statement for my website.. My site's current manifestation has been around for more then a year.. perhaps its been a couple years at this point.. I don't know.. so this is an accomplishment.. and anyway, I regard it as a rough draft... So allow me to share it:

    Matt's Manifesto

    The arts, as I see it, are key to the health of culture and society. Big media influence on the collective consciousness of our times is at the root of what's wrong with the world today. The solution to this is to develop new models for the business of art, media, and culture. There is a digital revolution…