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Mary's Kids have been thrashing their power driven punk sound around the scene for the last few years, in which time they've released a couple of 7”s and an LP through labels such as Bootleg Booze and ONE 78 Records, which along with their energetic live shows, have helped put Mary's Kids name firmly in place on the underground punk rock map.

Mary put the first line up of the band together in her native Norway after the break-up of her previous gang, Mensen. Shortly after this line up released the “Destroy” 7” in 2007, Mary relocated the Kids to Stockholm and a new line up was formed which included various friends from the communal Swedish punk scene.

In 2009 the band released it's first full length. This release featured members of Henry Fiats Open Sore , Audionom and Sons Of Cyrus. The record received a lot of praise which took the band south to Germany for their first mainland European tour.

Whilst building a reputation for themselves with tight as hell, high energy live performances, the band really started getting themselves known within the scene, and another tour of Germany followed. As is so often the case in the punk rock though, line up changes stunted the momentum the band was building up. With all of the members playing in other already touring bands, wholesale changes
were on the horizon. Never to be hindered in her cause to bring Mary's Kids to the punk rock masses though, Mary formed a new line up of the band and started getting to work on a new full length LP.

That line up would be Erik (Battle of Santiago) on lead guitar, Johan (Backyard Babies) on bass and Korsgren on drums, with Mary on guitar on vocals as always.

There were are a bunch of new songs written which will see the light of day as a new LP sometime during the spring of 2012. And before that a 7” EP will be released through Spanish label Ghost Highway in time for their tour in April.

With this line up there was a true feeling of solidarity about the band. The live shows were better than ever, the songs fast and raw, yet still containing a lot of catchy pop hooks that can't help but make you want to raise your beer glass to your lips before jumping into the mosh-pit. Erik's rabid unorthodox guitar style, bursting with energy, is driven along by the brutally tight rhythm section behind him. All of which conducted quite brilliantly by Mary, stood belting out her guitar in the midst of it, whilst her shouty, yet melodic vocals give the band a certain pop sensitivity, in the most punk rock sense of the term, of course. New song titles, such as the brilliant Die Little Nazi Boy Goodbye!, tell you pretty much all you need to know about Mary's Kids 2012.

Unfortunately before the recording of the new LP, Mary found herself faced yet again with another line up change. Punk rock is by the nature of itself, done the hard way. As the song goes, It's Not Easy. With family commitments needing to take priority, as they should, Johan felt it would be fairer for all concerned if he left the band before the tough of the road really got going. He has been in the game a long time but with a new baby in his life, constantly going out on punk rock tours for little or no money is no longer feasible, as much as he would like it to be.

Never to be hindered, the band quickly found a replacement in old friend, Tom De Borst. Not letting the fact he was living in Austria at the time deter him, he was soon out on the road with Mary's Kids, and is now living in Sweden like the rest of his crew. A great bass player, Tom fitted in to the band seemlessly and the new album was recorded.

With the release of the new LP in the spring and a solid line up in place, the guys will be heading back out to the mainland for further shows in Germany and hopefully beyond. Watch this space!


Germany: benny@klownhouse-tours.de
Spain: holycobrasociety@gmail.com


Battle of Santiago
Backyard babies
Rowdy Ramblers
Sons of Cyrus
Vectors Punk
Henry Fiats Open Sore

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