• These TRULY deserved the Academy Award (1990-1981)

    15 juin 2008, 15h22m par Epitymbidia

    This is part 3/8 of my journal series about filmmusic composers and their works that won the Academy Award of Merit for Scoring, Original Score, Scoring of a Musical Picture, Music Score of a Dramatic or Comedy Picture, Music Score - substantially original and whatever the names have been throughout the years. But of course it's mostly about the works which I think actually should have won the award...
    In this entry I will deal with the years between 1981 and 1990, in a reverse chronological order as in the first entries of course. Although we would have a peculiarity here, because in '82 and the following year not only an Original Score was awarded but also an Original Song Score and its Adaptation or Best Adaptation Score, I will ignore that fact and concentrate on the Original Score.

    Here are links to the other journal entries belonging to this (still shamefully incomplete) series:

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  • Lyrics Quiz: Rocks Under The Waves

    20 jui. 2007, 4h49m par alfvaen

    Since I'm busy procrastinating right now, it seemed like a perfect time to post the lyrics quiz I've had lying around for a while. This is from two of my favorite song tapes, the artists are listed below, some artists have multiple songs, and some songs have multiple artists.

    You told me we live in the shadows
    You told me to hide from the light
    But the last thing you said keeps running through my head

    As you pass them by, they whisper their remarks one to another
    And you give them the eye even though you know that you could be their mother

    I see you've gone and changed your name again
    And just when I climbed this old mountainside
    To wash my eyelids in the rain
    So Long, Marianne

    A new life grows, the blossom knows
    There's no one else could warm my heart as much as you

    But livin' on the streets ain't bad; sad people make you glad
    "Pardon me, can you spare some change?"

    Carnival, the wheels fly and the colours spin
    Through alcohol, red wine that punctures the skin
  • The Musical Freud

    22 juin 2006, 20h20m par tguignar

    Hey, I said I'd quit blogging to save some time to do my research and finish my PhD properly, so what am I doing typing away last.fm journal entries... and if that wasn't enough, I'm even doing memes here! Anyway, it's fun and if I still have some free time to play around, who's going to blame me?

    Anyway, what you do is you play all your music at shuffle and each song goes for the current question. I nicked this from someone else. But so did he. The guy I stole this meme from got some pretty amazing results, so I definitely want to give it a try!

    Here we go:

    How does the world see me?
    Song: Get Back
    Comment: Ahum. So this is kind of a psychanalysis, right? I have to find out myself what this could mean. Well, I'm having trouble here... Or am I really so... repulsive? :-(

    Will I have a happy life?
    Song: Mr. Clean
    Comment: Oh, so, not particularly jazzy, but at least I'll stay clean, that's what it means? Sounds cool to me... a bit too comfy, perhaps.

    What do my friends really think of me?
  • And now, your award/punishment

    23 août 2005, 12h47m par Pirate45

    Is winning the "Best New Artist" Grammy award the kiss of death or nothing more than a popularity contest taken on the spur of the moment to define fifteen milliseconds of fame?

    You be the judge - and remember, those great musicians, Milli Vanilli, won this award in 1989.

    Starting in 1969, Crosby, Stills & Nash were deserving winners. Certainly a band that cannot be judged only by their nine hits, this band defined the late 60's and early 70's.

    Love 'em or hate 'em, in 1970 the Carpenters were the winners. Of course the Carpenter's soft and soupy sound has fallen out of favor with today's listener, but you can't argue with success - 20 Top-40 hits, three songs at #1, and eight more that peaked in the top five positions.

    1971's winner was Carly Simon. Her first few tunes were very mundane but she certainly went on to a respectable career, hitting #1 once in 1972 for 3 weeks.

    Another good and deserving winner was the band America in 1972. America is another band that defines 1970's music. …