• One year with last.fm!

    24 mars 2008, 20h56m par hurricane_mario

    The thing i've noticed most in the past month is the large influx of n00bs. That's good though, people are finally starting to realize the value of this site.

    When I first got this account, my taste was incredibly limited. Basically, my top 10, minus DJ Mystik and Mr Big was all I listened to last March-April. But then I found the 'similar artists' on the side of every page. Through that, recommendations from friends and people I don't know, and randomly finding some stuff (For example, finding Crystal Viper while searching for Viper, or Sofa Surfers being the first thing to come up on "ambient tag radio" while I was trying to prove to someone that ambient music isn't actually music, which it isn't. Ambient is exactly what the name says, it's ambient noises, no different than listening to the natural noises outside. But I will admit it's nice for a change, I listened to Project Divinity just a few days ago. Anyway, Sofa Surfers is not ambient and whoever tagged it as such is an idiot. …