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  • Once again, I just love the symbolism from "Alice in Wonderland"
  • i agree with poshattitude...this and evidence are probably the better songs on the album...
  • greAT_
  • Very nice=]
  • Uwielbiam MM. Tego albumu jeszcze nie słyszałem, ale ta piosenka cieszy me uszy:)
  • The Sex Song.... Very Gooooodddddd
  • Can you believe manson was the geeky kid off the wonder years show how crazy is that lol
  • I'm not that much an "Eat Me, Drink Me" person, but I have to admit that this one and Evidence are quite spectacular!<3
  • "manson's way past his prime " -Agreed
  • I'm a huge Manson fan but this album was disappointing to me. It all seems like broken heart teen clichés to me. Where is the edge? The society criticizing lyrics? I hope he has gotten over his self pity on his next album, has it not been for his god-like vocal this album would be a total waste of time. And no he is not as "shocking" as he used to be, but it doesn't matter it is no longer important, and to be honest he shouldn't attempt his old stunts anymore, it will just come of as a pathetic old man trying to be young again. I still love to see him live. Get over your girlfriend or whatever and get back to making great music that matters! - Just a silent prayer from a huge fan ;)
  • Really love this song.
  • <33
  • the best
  • this song is my inspiration !!! I do tell the truth !!!
  • manson's way past his prime
  • Reminds me of Bowie in his Germany,drug days! Still good!
  • !!!
  • this is only a game-this is only a game love this song !
  • Very special
  • A very different feel to the older stuff. Can't help thinking it's an old man that's given up on trying to shock. Nice work with TIm Skold for a one off album, but glad he is getting back with GInger Fish and Twiggy Ramirez for the next one. Manson without Twiggy and Ginger just aint Marilyn Manson in my book.
  • His best album yet.
  • This album is a nice album to chill to.
  • <3 This is only a game...
  • oh well - sadly a lot slower than other manson stuff, but still nice
  • boring
  • "I thought I was a butterfly next to your flame..." Amazing text (and song)!
  • lyrically beautiful
  • amazing!
  • Why is it in caps ? :-O
  • I WAS hungry and thirsty; i didn;t mean to killhim
  • Only if you feel like you need the ego boost :p
  • I thought you were going to take credit for it? :p
  • great song, great lyrics
  • adore MM :)
  • Best off EMDM, epic
  • was this one to gerard way?
  • Beautiful SONG!!!!!!!
  • To good for words! <3
  • Actualy a Gr8 song
  • Great song! People like or hate this new album, but for me its one of the best. Svperstar, Mechanical Animals and then EMDM.
  • damn, i don't even know what to think about his new album. i can't say it's awesome and i love it, but i can't say it's a holy crap and i hate it either. something about it makes me sick (maybe the atmosphere of Evan Rachel Wood how i imagine it),something about it makes me feel like if i was involved in some big mystery. fuck,i feel like such a fool.
  • imo the best track on the album ;P
  • <3
  • Dunno what I think yet... which is how I felt with Holywood (his crappiest release) and Mechanical Animals (his best release). So I've got some listening to do to get an accurate opinion.
  • This is the best song from the new album I think... I just love this
  • Eat Me, Drink Me (the track) is suposed to be all in capitals -------> EAT ME, DRINK ME
  • I fucking love this song. <3
  • I love this song, it's so chilling
  • They Say Hell's Not Hot and Just a Car Crash Away are classics. - c.


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