• Los Trios Marillos @ The Zodiac, Oxford, September 2005

    12 jan. 2008, 23h48m par queeniefox

    After a false start when the pre show music went off and everyone applauded only for it to start up again H finally came on, looking really very gorgeous indeed. (Even if he's still wearing that awful black zip up top.) The hair has evidently finally got past the scary stage. He started with No One Can which was just gorgeous and then Cover My Eyeswhich was also very good up until the point he got the words mixed up. 'She's like the girl on the TV... um, no she isn't...' :D This rather set the tone for the evening: after Pete came on h announced 'we don't have a set list' and then persuaded Pete to play Carol King's 'It's Too Late'. Rothers came on for that and then Pete and h did Bell in the Sea. (h to Rothers: 'you'll just have to pretend you aren't here now!')

    What I suppose could be termed the set proper began with Dry Land, although they had to restart that due to h choking on some water, just to add to the number of false starts! The they began something that I didn't recognise until the words came in: House. …
  • My First Meme!

    30 mars 2007, 22h37m par dementus

    This one looked fun (from bamgrrl), so I thought I would play along. First the instructions:

    "Open iTunes/iPod or Windows Media Player to answer the following. Go to your library. Answer, no matter how embarrassing it is."

    How many songs:

    2232 songs (11.41 G)
    -- Note: This includes some music videos and a couple other items I have (podcasts, TV shows bought from iTunes...) But that only makes up maybe 50-75 of the items.

    Sort by song title:

    first song: ...Long Time Ago

    last song: Ziggy Stardust

    Sort by time:

    longest: This Strange Engine 30:23

    shortest: Chitty Chitty Bang Bang Soundtrack - Chitty Speaks :06

    Sort by album:

    first: And Then There Were Three

    last: The World's Room
    -- Note: That is the last full album. The last album listed is a single song I got for free from iTunes Music Store: Augustana - Stars and Boulevards. Several things listed after that have no album named for them.

    Top Five Most Played Songs:

    Forest Ninja

    The Invisible Man