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Mariah Carey

Jesus Born on This Day (3:41)


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  • I think I prefer Avalon's version. Even the children's choir was better.
  • @scra2et6 лол Сначала бы лучше подумал, а только потом писал бы что-нибудь. Это, так, совет ;)
  • Great job Mariah Carey pretty beautiful song!!!!!
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  • Beautiful song....
  • One of the best songs about Jesus born
  • "Oh Jesus, rejoice in the light of his birth..." and then in the next breath "look at my bits, I've got them all out, go on, you can see what I had for dinner and everything".
  • Mariah Carey WROTE THIS SONG!!!! Touch My Body, Obsessed, writer WROTE THIS song! Wow. :)
  • @scra2et6, ты даже не представляешь, какую сейчас парадоксальную хуйню сказал )
  • flawless
  • Hallelujah...! soul is always the best way to express emotion lol
  • <3 <3 <3
  • beautiful.
  • В этом изаключается лицемерие современных людей:сама жопой голой трясет,а потом такие песни поет.Парадокс.
  • /\ V bléééé
  • <333333333
  • This is amazing and she has co-written it with Walter Afanasief. Damn, so beautiful.
  • soramimi is the English phrase deliberately interpreted as Japanese, and is the subject of long-running segment on TV show "Tamori Club" when a listener submits his own soramimi and TV production visualizes it. In this case "Oh Jesus born on this day" becomes a very religiously incorrect phrase, wherein an elderly man ("ojiichan" came from "oh Jesus") puts out a girly magazine from his blanket and.....I can't describe no more!
  • przypomina mi się Wrocław:)*
  • yuo are beautiful and magical
  • he is japanese
  • uwielbiam :-)
  • beautiful song!
  • what the fuck is a soramimi?
  • This song includes most politically incorrect soramimi of all time.

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