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    30 déc. 2010, 23h33m par DahliaMatsumoto

  • Manic Street Preachers, Live at Boscome O2, October 2010 - A Review...

    25 oct. 2010, 19h47m par jedimulder24

    Manic Street Preachers - O2 Academy Bournemouth, UK - 22nd October 2010

    I was so pleased the O2 decided to switch from being a club venue, to having Live Bands...
    Even more pleased that I got to see my fave band - Manic Street Preachers - barely 10 minutes walk from where I live! Result!!

    I had seen them before, but that was a long time ago, way back in 1997 at The Reading Festival...

    So to tonight...
    Let's start with the support...
    Brighton band British Sea Power got the evening rolling, & did a fairly good job. I say "fairly good" as having heard the first 3 of their 4 albums I wasn't really expecting too much of them, as I thought what I'd heard of theirs was all a little too "samey", with no real variety or progression!
    Their live set however proved to be much more entertaining than what I'd heard from the studio, proving once more what I'd been saying for years - that you can't beat live music!
  • The Best of 2009

    3 jan. 2010, 18h36m par Kwapiszon7

    Jeszcze wcześniej się w to nie bawiłem, ale kończąc ten rok spojrzałem na wykaz przesłuchanych albumów, okazało się, że troche z nich jest z 2009 roku. Postanowiłem spróbować je ocenić, chociaż nie przyszło mi to z łatwością, bo jak mam ocenić album, która sam w sobie ma 2 naprawdę super piosenki, ale świetny ogólny klimat i świeżość pomysłu versus album z 4-5 super piosenkami, ale reszta to już zapychacze?
    Żeby nie przedłużać, oto lista albumów od najgorszego do najlepszego. Baaaardzo subiektywne, niektóre niskie oceny wynikają po prostu z tego, że album jest nieprzyjemny w przesłuchaniu lub wybitnie mi gatunkowo nie leży.

    Animal Collective-Merriweather Post Pavilion Metacritics 89% (69% różnicy)
    Świetna, psychodeliczna okładka, która "rusza się" w oczach + niesamowicie hurraoptymistyczne recenzje + opinie…
  • One year of

    29 déc. 2009, 2h30m par Underdawg89

    It had been one year since I joined on 9th November so I thought this journal entry would be appropriate. Here are the most listened artists, songs and album during my first year at

    I. Artists

    1. Sheryl Crow (1126)
    I know, there may not be as many people crazy about Sheryl out there as I am. She’s not the type of singer you can fall in love with at the first listen. Her songs are complex, filled with symbols, unlikely metaphors while being very expressive and original. And as a bonus, Sheryl has a distinctive sound and often uses a narrative style. Eclectic and weird, she can rock it loud, play country, put the fun in funk or sit by the fire and sing some sweet folk tracks. As far as I’m concerned, she has songs fit for every mood someone may be in. Although she has wandered through a variety of styles (while still not jumping too far from what she really is at heart, a classic rocker), nowadays she has somewhat returned to her roots and decided to rather change people opinions instead of making them dance. …
  • Reviewed: Top 10 Albums of 2009

    22 déc. 2009, 13h07m par FunkyCrime17

    In what now seems to have become an annual event, it is time to compile my favourite 10 albums of the year. This is the third year I have done this now, and 2009 has definitely been a much stronger year than both 2007 and 2008. Usually I pick about 6 albums that are awesome then struggle to fill up the final 4 places. This year, I managed to write down 15 albums I loved, and actually had a hard time eliminating five of them from the list. So without further ado, my favourite albums of the year are:

    10.Tonight: Franz Ferdinand - Franz Ferdinand
    Third album from everyone's favourite Scotsmen. Franz are one of those bands I've followed from the very beginning, and so far they are yet to produce a dodgy album. They just seem to have a superb knack of writing totally addictive tunes, and Tonight is no different. Lead single Ulysses sounds fresh without being too much of a departure from earlier Franz. …
  • 2009. In My Opinion.

    4 déc. 2009, 0h31m par BillSwansea

    Last year I done a really comprehensive list of the best tracks and albums and things from thhe whole 12 months that I essentially started working on as soon as my hangover cleared on the 1st of January. Yeah I totally didn't stay in last year watching Father Ted all night, I was out partying, yes that's right. In comparison to that comprehensive work last year, I really have not been paying much attention. So this is going to be a bit shit. All the same I'll try my best. For you.

    15 Songs that make one helluva playlist.

    01 Manic Street Preachers - Peeled Apples
    I hated this band until towards the end of 2008 when I discovered the Holy Bible properly. This is probably my most played track of the year, mainly through the radio rip on youtube, complete with Zane Lowe telling me the song as going to "tear my face off". Of course.
    02 Future of the Left - I Am Civil Service
    I discovered mclusky recently, and went on this bands myspace to check out what Falcos newest stuff was like. …
  • Manic Street Preachers @ Glasgow Barrowland, 25th May 2009.

    26 mai 2009, 13h06m par Chicken_Boosh

    Mon 25 May – Manic Street Preachers, The Answering Machine

    I really need to find a friend who is a Manics loon because this was another gig where I was practically wetting my pants with anticipation, but by contrast my mate Lauren who came with me was just...meh. I need to really thank her because she ended up having to drive to Glasgow as well. I was gonna up until the last minute when we remembered that my car doesn't have a cigarette lighter for the sat nav.

    Took us about 2 and a half hours to get to Glasgow and after the obligatory getting lost/panic about it/park fucking anywhere!! we ventured out onto the streets of Glasgow. As Manics aren't doing any dates in Manchester or Liverpool on this tour we were left deciding between Glasgow, Llandudno and Wolverhampton as the nearest ones. "Why don't you just not go?" my boyfriend said. Clearly he doesn't know me as well as I thought he did. *rolls eyes* =P
    Glasgow won because it was on a Bank Holiday Monday and I figured we could make a day of it in Glasgow. …