• The last decade was pretty good music wise. I guess.

    8 jan. 2010, 17h41m par logbut

    Yeah... I hate doing those best of whatever year lists; i can never remember what came out that year or not. The end of the decade has, however, let me realize how many awesome records came out in the last ten years. fuck putting them in order, and whittling it down to 10 or even 50, I'm no good at that. Just be happy they are alphabetized by artist.

    Many of these records are basically what made me who I am today. I tried to keep it at one album per artist, though I think there is 1 or 2 exceptions to that rule. Oh yeah I also chose to leave out collections and reissues, only stuff that has been recorded between 2000 and 2009. enjoy.

    Against Me! - Reinventing Axl Rose
    This record really helped energize a whole scene into being creative and energetic again. Say what you want about them now, but this record is still fresh and fun and uplifting to me every time I put it on. When this came out they sounded like they could take over the world, but few people actually expected them too. …