• Remixers on Street Fighter & Final Fantasy

    19 août 2008, 16h43m par jeriaska

    Two interviews have been posted to Siliconera this weekend on music remix projects for popular game series. Malcos of OverClocked ReMix has arranged themes from Street Fighter II for the HD Remix version that will appear on the XBox Live Arcade and Playstation Network. His tracks will be featured during the stages for Ryu, Cammy, Dhalsim and M. Bison. The musician talks about his participation on OCR, their Street Fighter II compilation “Blood on the Asphalt,” and the downloadable HD title on which he is serving as assistant soundtrack director.

    Also this weekend, Ian Hartley gives some background on Final Fantasy Remix, the album of club-style arrangements directed by Nobuo Uematsu. The DJ discusses his collaboration with Matt Baggiani on their group Ante and performing in Tokyo clubs. The interviews are available at the following websites.

    Remixing Street Fighter II - Malcos music interview:

  • Nother Survey...

    21 jui. 2007, 9h19m par Pashchan

    Music Shuffle. <33.
    - to take this survey, put your music player on shuffle, -
    - and answer each question with the song that comes on. -
    - then put any comments you have. -

    1. What is your name?

    Song : Hare Hare Yukai-Hirano Aya

    Comments:O_O I Guess My name is Haruhi...

    2. Will you get far in life?

    Song: Unlaced-Emilie Autumn
    Comments:If I can violin like Emilie-san, it will go far far.

    3. How can you get far in life?

    Song:Paper Cut-Linkin Park

    Comments:Being paranoid...O_O

    4. What is your profession?

    Song:Ego-The Sounds

    Comments:Cheating girlfriend for hire...^_^ XD

    5. What do you really want from life?

    Song:Drop It Like It's Hot FF6 Remix-?????

    Comments:Hmmm.... I want to be cool but still stay true to my Geek roots, nice and accurate. ^_^

    6. What should you do to help others?

    Song:Classico-Tenacious D

    Comments:To be very, very, awesome...^_^

    7. What should you do to help yourself?

    Song:Peach Pie On The Beach-POLYSICS