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  • Agnete's voice could level buildings.
  • new album, entitled "Red In Tooth And Claw" to be released soon :D YEEAAH!
  • I'm not that into metal music and i really don't know how i heard them but fuck this band is great.I've still yet to listen their first record but everything else is so stellar that there are not a single bad track.
  • This band is truly crushing, pity they didn't get much recognition.
  • You're great,guys!
  • Well, people from the band... I hope you will eventually release your new album and I will be able to listen to it before my god damn country collapsed or world burnt down in WWIII. You may believe me or not, but new MM album is in my expectation list along with New Horizons reaching Pluto and James Webb space telescope launch. Hurry a bit :)
  • From off site A sign of life! We've received a lot of worried messages lately, asking if we're still active? Just a quick message to let you all know we're still very much alive. More than that. Our next album is all recorded and done with, except for mixing and mastering and we're also rehearsing with a new guitarist. So things are shaping up for the fall of 2014 and for the future. On friday July 11th we're playing at the festival Livestock at Alvdal in rural Norway.
  • Desiderata, great dissonance and beauty vocals
  • I just love this band as well as nightwish,within temptation ,delain ,evanesence ,pendragon,dream theatre and a number more
  • Only recently got my hands on Eight Ways. Possibly one of my favourite albums ever<3 So glad to hear that new stuff is on the way too.
  • I need news [2]
  • I need news
  • As of the 5th, all of the recording for the new album is finished :) They're mixing/mastering now, I guess
  • The Gathering'in sadece Mandylion albüm sounduna benziyor bence.
  • The lack of news about them and that 6th album is desperating.
  • I don't understand why Desiderata is so popular. As for me All Flesh Is Grass, Deadlands and Eight Ways are more interesting, more atmospheric and powerful. Desiderata is good too, but at the same time it's too simple for Madder Mortem.
  • This band is surprisingly very good. Unbelievable they have so few plays.
  • I feel bad for the people that can't understand how amazing this band is.
  • "Desiderata" is still their best for me. And yes, they are unique and gorgeous. \m/
  • Sometimes i become sad that this band does not get the real attention which they really deserve :( They are so unique.
  • ''We're looking for a new, permanent guitar player with broad musical tastes, but with roots in rock/metal. We're finishing our 6th album now, but we'd love to have a guitarist that wants to contribute creatively on the next album. You should be ok with playing a 7-string guitar and learning our back catalogue. We rehearse in Odalen, approx. 1,5 hours north of Oslo''. Ok fellas, somebody help them, i want new music.
  • Finally a new album is coming.
  • Madder Mortem is so underrated and incredible! [10]
  • Madder Mortem is so underrated and incredible! [9]
  • This music needs to be listened. [2]
  • World is really a weird place. Madder Mortem has all properties to be an music icon, and still after years they are practically unknown. Anyone who will stumble to here, know, this is an outstanding music, I've listened to a lot of things, and I can claim and prove it. This music needs to be listened.
  • Discovered this band, having a big crush on it.
  • A gorgeous redemption.
  • Did you mean: How long can the silence hold?
  • how long do i have to wait for another eargasmic album?
  • new album please!
  • How long must we wait for an another masterpiece of an album?!
  • So impressive and I am addicted to them! Eight Ways is the best album of ya!
  • Desiderata, such an amazing album. Hits the nostalgia vein for me.
  • agniesiu dajesz czadu ;]
  • they're working on a new album :D
  • the weirdest thing I've heard in a long time. in a good sense.
  • Amazing band! It's a shame that's so unknown.
  • Any rumors about new album? Please, don't split up.
  • If you have a band and you need photos for your covers, talk to me
  • Cold Stone <3
  • gothic metal wtf
  • Great Work
  • Shitty scum.
  • where dream and day collide <3
  • I never get bored of this band.
  • They are so underrated.It is so sad because they are amazing.
  • Terrific voice. Very impressive stuff.
  • Best band ever! I was lucky enough to see them live in june, and meet them afterwards. A fucking dream come true! Btw, Agnete told me they are working on their new album now! :)


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