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Raconte-moi une histoire (4:04)


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  • i don't really know why, but this song makes me wanna cry
  • I HATE kids too but that song is quite adorable...
  • I am talking here about the Goddes. Messier 83, the Goddes, the Galaxy, G+G, you know, just like M. And she, Girl named M83, looks into your eyes. And you know. You get the knowledge and the energy of fucking bunch of frogs swimming in fucking bathroom. By the Way, at the ending of this song, you think you are in a fucking airport, because you hear this plane apporaching. I am serious, I am not imagining it. What the fuck am I doing, writing this shit? Someone I know (staling me, YOU STALKER, STOP) would read it and think I am crazy. I am not, my world has changed forever, I touched a frog's skin. My vision changed. My parents became my parents, and I saw a cupcake. I was smiling and laughing, nothing was the same. And then I became a frog, which was pretty funny. I dived, and crossed, and jumped (everywhere), and I met a girl, and we were friends, with other frogs too. What a lyrics, amazing. Anyway the world never saw better group of friends and it was great! Right?
  • This song is great when you are high. So many colors, and sound is going around your head, M83 is just pure fucking perfection, they give you every emotion, they have it and the music knows how to transmit this energy and knowdlege about the Galaxy and the Universe. M83 is just a fucking Galaxy that came to us through Music. And I should be writing about Racone-Moi, but fuck, this song is too good. This snaping (I had to google translate this shit) is so awesome, it hypnotises you, like this whole fucking M83 Galaxy that is fucking with us through the magic of music. M-M, agic, usic, it's like the answer. It's not fucking 42, it's 83, you fucking idiotitc supercomputer or whatever this shit from that book that was good and was fucked up by Hollywood. Anyway, you see all those Frogs, and you follow the voice of a girl, and she is grabing you in her hands, and you see her eyes, and it's that connection, you know, between you, and a Grirl, that is a personification of M83. It's M83.
  • haha i love this song..
  • My least favourite track on the record
  • cheeeeeeeeeese
  • crap
  • aaaaand deleted
  • Big bunch of no, nope, nah in this one.
  • Adorable...
  • I hate this :(
  • Fuck this fucking song.
  • KendoPt4, это хреново.
  • hate kids
  • DMT or the innocence and imagination of childhood?
  • Such a magical song. Love it.
  • This kid was too cute at the Hollywood Bowl performance [2]
  • This kid was too cute at the Hollywood Bowl performance !!
  • nice
  • cutest song [2]
  • And you keep laughing and laughing and laughing. Nothing is ever quite the same really <3
  • I love this girl's voice!
  • Count me in.
  • I want to be a frog.
  • I'm in love with this song. So great.
  • It would be about childhood imagination, but it's about DMT.
  • Such a cute song about childhood imagination! Those days were filled with magic.
  • Adorable.
  • cutest song
  • WTF
  • oh wow. aw
  • It's very funny to be a frog! [3]
  • Got to find that frog
  • This kid is going to have a great life.
  • "It's very funny to be a frog!" - I bet it is... T_T
  • Kids and drugs! Ha! I love this!
  • Wouldn't it be great?
  • I have never in my entire life wanted to be a frog as much as I do now.
  • [url=]girl shake that laffy taffy[/url]
  • It's about a toad. Not a frog.
  • beautiful track :)
  • The biggest group of friends the world has ever seen.
  • The [artist]M83[/artist] track "[track artist=M83]Raconte-moi une histoire[/track]" has [artist]Lemon Jelly[/artist] all over it, if you know what I mean.
  • nothing's ever quite the same really...
  • Horrible, ruins the album.
  • It's very funny to be a frog! [2]
  • Fuck you and your stupid frog, kid.
  • Greatest song about a frog, ever. <3
  • It's very funny to be a frog!


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