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  • aimeelolley- He has one of the best & most consistent careers ever, so really you're good on anyplace to start. The order I went was Transfiguration of Vincent, End of Amnesia then Post-War, & I was very happy with that. I guess I'd suggest starting w/ Post War since it's so great and the latest, then go back as you wish :) Enjoy!
  • commercials?
  • that's great to hear, saw him twice in Sydney last week, amazing musician. Love his music even more now. Favourite song, either Poison Cup or Radio Campaign.
  • I saw him play last night, a croud of bout 280 packed into an irish pub, the sweat was driping off the walls, but he was awesome. Awesome
  • Not as great as Nick Drake, but still great.
  • QUOTE: # tiredsymphony said: This guy totally stormed my charts, moved up to my top ten in less than 2 weeks. Good job Matt, it takes a strong artist to win my affection that quickly.
  • one or two won't do, cos i want it all
  • sad sad song is awesome
  • This guy totally stormed my charts, moved up to my top ten in less than 2 weeks. Good job Matt, it takes a strong artist to win my affection that quickly.
  • i love helicopter, I need to buy his album. I missed him when he was in town, i should shoot myself in the face.
  • Man, 'To Go Home' has some bitchin' drums. Also just a great song period, but come on. Bitchin'.
  • Good stuff. Neil Young should really be a similar artist.
  • I Second the Noel Gallagher comment
  • thanx to noel gallagher for pointing me in this direction
  • good stuff.
  • check out the clips on youtube
  • just discovered him. Thank god for that. Man is he good.
  • i was at his gig in koko last night. fantabulous. only started listening to him recently so i've been making up for lost time...
  • Saw him live for the first time in Copenhagen last night. AMAZING show! I was totally blown away. I nearly cried when he played O'Brien and Let's Dance, it was just so darn beautiful!
  • Greatest Soloartist ever. Along with Jeff Mangum.
  • great show in Amsterdam last night =)
  • It all started with Chinese Translation, then it was Duet for Guitars #1, Transistor Radio, Post-War and now the Transfiguration of Vincent. I am so so so hoping he comes somewhere near where I live so I can see him live.
  • she's got one magic trick. just one, and that's it. she's got one magic trick -- SHE DISAPPEEEARS.
  • just got my ears on Post-War and i am liking it pretty much
  • I LOVE YOU! really.
  • wow the show in Nashville was amazing. mmm I'll Be Yr Bird.
  • Listen to the new NPR All Songs Considered podcast. M. Ward guest DJs and does an interview. Very cool stuff, it gives you an idea of where hes coming from.
  • i'm loving post-war as well. after only 2 listens. rollercoaster! what a song :)
  • Been listening over and over and Post-War has won me over completely. It's not as beautiful as earlier albums, you can't hear every sound crystal clear but, damn, he can work with a band and the songwriting is as tight as ever. Today's Undertaking is like a Vincent track in a lot of ways, Right in the Head is pure class, and Requiem is mighty stuff indeed. No complaints.
  • i like it...i think the compositions were a lot more inticate on his other albums, but i like the new prodution, which makes up for that
  • I know what you mean. I love it, but I'm still not sure if it's up to par with his previous three albums.
  • Post-war...a grower? At the moment, good as it undoubtedly is, I'm not really feeling it like I have the last two. Seems less stylised in a way, which may be fine as long as the songs are of the same quality, but I'm just not feeling that yet.
  • I really loved Chinese Translation but everything else I've heard by him seems dry at the least...
  • Post-War today! (And it's damn good.)
  • He just had his video premiere check it out:
  • post-war is wonderfullll
  • Post-War leak is out and beautiful.
  • Matt, bring us a new LP soon!


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