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  • i can believe i just discovered this band and after a few songs i've listened i already feel like getting their discography. c=
  • this is fucking fire
  • i cant swim i have nightmare is very much good
  • why so few listeners
  • шик
  • слушать одно удовольствие
  • Норм.
  • intentionally irritating
  • but seriously ludus made some of the funkiest feminist tinged jams ever
  • you abuse my sexuality you abuse my sexuality you take it and make it a commodity i am your property
  • it's just too good. linder is surreally wonderful.
  • Pretty sure that if they lived in NY, they would've been part of the No Wave scene.
  • awesome.
  • Witchpenis, just google it
  • where can I find download links for this band?
  • Only one of these. Great Band, Great Tune, GREATNESS !
  • What I like about Ludus is the fact they don't have the 'chops' to realise their musical ideas, so it's endearing & makes the music more empowering...I would imagine if they'd had the 'chops' they'd sound dull jazz-lite, coffee table Muzak.
  • Linder is my kind of woman ;-)
  • an easier to digest big flame
  • █~*
  • I'll never understand why this band wasn't more popular. Such a great sound.
  • ... ♥ ))
  • Bonkers... in a lovely way though. :)
  • whoa this is nuts. I'm listening to 'the visit' for the first time and I am enjoying it quite a bit.
  • Join my group: [url=]Post-Punk.[/url]
  • wtf why is this band so cool and why have I not heard of them until just now
  • Little Girls = Best 4 minutes of my life!
  • Great Bass ........
  • makes me melt
  • crazy but awesome
  • I love ludus very very much
  • we had the visit/seduction playing at top volume in the car when we were lost in Manchester. so. fucking. good.
  • Nice music!!!
  • wtf is this?
  • but what the hell is up with the 'band members' 'info'?! LOL
  • Well, I don't know if it has anything to do with my comments (probably not), but it's good to see that the nww similar artists list makes a whole lot more sense!!
  • ...just because they're included on Morrissey's compilations Under the Influence and Songs To Save Your Life, which also include Ludus tracks. There are exceptions on the list - artists who might be said to resemble Ludus up to a point, like Essential Logic, Delta 5, Magazine... although it's hard to say that they are really similar to any of them.
  • the 'similar artists' list is hilarious. That's what happens when the lists are generated according to what people who listen to a band have also listened to, rather than which artists are actually similar. Then you get Diana Dors, Jimmy Radcliffe, Nat Couty, Pony Club, Raymonde and Jaybee Wasden as 'similar artists', even though they're absolutely nothing like Ludus...

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