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Limp Bizkit

Hot Dog (3:50)


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  • you....can''
  • What a fucked up track. :-)
  • Fuck yeah!
  • fuck the world
  • thats deep fred
  • It's a fucked up world. A fucked up place. Everybody's judged by their fucked up face. Hell yeah!
  • Lol, Closer.
  • some of the lyrics sound like they're from Nine Inch Nail :o Closer!
  • Masterpiece
  • Edited sucks! why play it! SMH
  • fuck the world
  • Мы все ебанутые, так что ж теперь делать? Я ебанутый и ты ебанутый.
  • fucked up song from a fucked up
  • Something Donte would totally listen to.
  • this song made my life omg <3
  • содержательный текст
  • mine isn't censored.....
  • Nice NIN chorus.
  • its unedited for me
  • Gotta love that they censored it xD
  • припев стырил у Резнора
  • this song is awful when censored! the whole point is everything is fucked up, so i guess the irony is that this song is fucked up when censored
  • terrible
  • NIN is better that scratchi but the "you wanna fuck me like animal / you like to burn me on the inside" is cool ...
  • you wanna fuck me like animal / you like to burn me on the inside
  • listening to the censored verion of this song is like not listening to the song at all xD
  • counting the "fuck(ed)" the song reminds me a bit of Frank Booth
  • fuck dog :d
  • Get Up Fuck Off \m/ FUCKING AWESOME
  • dog
  • Fuck! xDD
  • Kiss my starfish.
  • wahahaha, this song came up censored and it's just easier to mute the FUCKING thing! )))
  • About 50-60 fucks.
  • Fuck.
  • This song needs a fuck counter I'm curious how many times he says it
  • wtf?
  • my brother hates this group i love it he hates it because hes all fucked up and a little pussy who hates on good music thats why i hate my brother
  • yeah!
  • this is really good! guys if you dont like nu metal dont comment/rate this...
  • i don't know man
  • not bad song, but u r still starfucker fred :P
  • wow, this is really bad.
  • not censored for me :)
  • LOLOLOLOLOL :D FUCKED UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • fuck.
  • fucking good!
  • Not censored in Germany :)
  • this song is not appropriate for some people sorry to hear


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